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What happens if all the planets line up?


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Actually it wont be "nothing major".

When all of the planets line up it will effect the earths temperature,the moons (resorting in water effects) and other natural disasters ie.earthquakes,volcanoes erupting,tornados,hurricanes etc...

The year of 2012 will have the next planet allignment...according to scientist this will take place during 21st of December,the same day the mayans predicted the world to end (or the end of Mayan calander).


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The planets line up about every 10,000 years.

That planets never line up perfectly. But when they get close, the sun actually swings out slightly further than usual as a counterweight along the barycenter each of the planets orbit along.

The 8 planets never have and never will all line up. But when two planets are aligned it is called a syzygy

no stupid. now why would we die when the planets line up?

First, nothing would happen if all the planets were to line up. Each planet is so far from the others that the gravity from one planet is negligible on another. Second, it is impossible for all the planets to line up. They all orbit in slightly different planes, and they will NEVER all line up. And never have.

All the 8 planets are going to line up in Dec. 21, 2012

Its when all the planets line up

I think that the planets will not line up in 2008 because they are all out of orbit. i believe that there will not be solar eclipse in 2008

Yes and No. They orbit around the sun and one point they all line up in a straight line.

No. The planets all orbit the sun at different rates. In rare instance they roughly line up, but not on any particular side of the sun.

No. The planets CANNOT all "line up", because they all orbit in slightly different planes. We occasionally see one or two planets line up, but never more than three at once.

All the planets never lined up, but it was reported once that mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were lined up together.

They don't. This is statistically impossible. All eight planets will never line up during the lifetime of the sun, which is about 10 billion years.

No, usually the planets are in different directions. Every few years two or three of them line up.

The gravity on each planet changing slightly along the line of the alignment, which may slightly affect the tides on earth. Viewing the planets would be much brighter than normal, as you are seeing light from more than one together.

The planets all orbit the sun at slightly different orbital angles - they NEVER line up in a row.There have been dozens of times in the history of our solar system when several planets have been on the same side of the sun at one time, but they are not lined up.In March 1982, all 8 planets were on the same side of the sun - not in a straight line, but at least on the same side.Did anyone notice? Did anything happen?

well of course they can and when they do something special will happen

nothing will happen. so don't think wrong.

Syzygy , when three or more planets are in alignment .because its nice to make more room.

No. It is when the moon is covered completely by earth's shadow.

Planets are not affected by a solar eclipse.

All of the planets orbit the sun at different rates, closer planets orbit quickly, while further planets orbit more slowly. They are all more or less on the same plane, so their paths in the sky will be similar to each other as the earth rotates. They sometimes appear to line up in the sky every now and then as they orbit at their different rates.

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