What happens if gate voltage of an ON scr is decreased?

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A: Nothing after an SCR conduct the gate has no more control to shut it off. So how do we shut off an SCR two way reverse the voltage on the SCR or reduce the current below the holding current. SCR are not DC friendly once on they stay on until see above
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What happen when plus ve gate pulse given to reverse baise scr?

You cannot turn an SCR off by reverse biasing the gate. Once it is on (anode to cathode), it stays on until the forward current AND the gate current drops to the required thre

Why does SCR turn ON by gate current?

to make the revers biased p-n junction in SCR to be conducting.when we apply gate signal across gate and cathode it establish conducting part,thus the current from anode to ca
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What happen when voltage decreases and current increases?

Electricity transmission/distribution systems operate at very high voltages in order to minimise the value of current flowing in the transmission lines. This is because, for