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What happens if insurance replaces stolen items then the police recover and return the stolen items to you?


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2010-08-31 14:24:35
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I recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods


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In most cases the police would be able to nab the robbers and recover the money. In cases where this does not happen most banks would have theft insurance using which they can recover the lost money. If they do not have insurance, the bank themselves are responsible to meet out the cash requirements of its customers deposits. It may or may not get help from the local government during such times.

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Keep the person there and call the police or the insurance company so they can walk you through it.

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If the police report says the other driver was at fault, try to recover from his or her insurance company. If you don't have collision coverage, you can't collect from your insurance company.

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Most insurance claims do not require police reports. Some states require it for hit and run claims.

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If both drivers have no insurance and do not file a police report, each driver is responsible for repairing the damage to his/her own vehicle.

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