What happens if insurance replaces stolen items then the police recover and return the stolen items to you?

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I recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods
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Does homeowners insurance cover anything stolen on your property even if you are not the owner of the stolen items and they are not related to you?

Yes, If your plan embodies that kind of coverage. If personal property is located on the premises, then the insurance should cover it, regardless of who it belongs to (within reason). However, it is difficult to prove exactly what a homeowner had or did not have on their property at any given time. ( Full Answer )

How do your insure personal items in case they are stolen?

Answer . \nThis situation is covered by a homeowner's insurance policy (HO3), Renters insurance (HO4) or unit owner's (HO6) policy. Call your insurance agent for more information on costs and coverages.

Who is responsible if items were stolen from your vehicle after it was impounded?

Answer . \nIf impound was caused by your vehicle parked illegally, then the impound lot or the towing company could be held responsible. \n. \nIf it was impounded because it was retrieved as a stolen vehicle, then no one can be held responsible. \n. \nHowever, in both cases, the personal bel ( Full Answer )

Does auto insurance cover items stolen from your vehicle?

Does auto policy cover stolen items . Many auto insurance policies will cover stolen items from your vehicle but only a very limited amount. For instance, if you have your vehicle broken into and your AM/FM/CD unit is stolen along with your case of 24 CDs, your policy will most likely cover the ( Full Answer )

Does homeowner's insurance cover items stolen if they belong to someone else?

Answer . Possibly. The policy covers your brother and all other "insureds" in his household. The answer to this question lies in determining whether or not you are an insured on his policy. The definition of an insured is under Section I, Definitions. If you live with your brother, or if yo ( Full Answer )

Does home insurance cover stolen items from an unlocked apartment that I am co-renting?

Answer . First, why is the apartment unlocked? An unlocked apartment can look suspicious to an insurance company. Whether or not the apartment was unlocked, insurance companies are primarily interested in the police report. The police report will determine if there is any indication of fraud. ( Full Answer )

Is it legal to possess a firearm with no serial number if it was stolen the serial number ground off and then recovered and returned by the police?

The correct answer varies from state to state, but assuming the law in your location is the same as the law in mine: If it's a bolt or lever action rifle, shotgun or a long barreled handgun, yes. Assault rifle, short barreled rifle, submachine gun, or most any other conventional firearm not men ( Full Answer )

How long do you have to report items stolen?

Answer . The theft should be reported as soon as the theft is discovered. Otherwise late reports may be questioned by insurance companies or by the police in any future actions or claims relating to the theft.

If an insured car is stolen is the insured obligated to accept it back if it is recovered?

This all depends on the condition of the vehicle at the time of recovery..however..I am assuming this case as being in the UK.If the vehicle is not in a driveable state,or is severely damaged..then yes you will have to inform your insurer who will take responsibility of the vehicle,assess any damage ( Full Answer )

Does car insurance cover items stolen from a car?

That depends on the policy that you have with your insurance company. When I had my truck broken into, my policy covered the iPod and stereo that were stolen, plus my rental while my truck was in the shop.

What is cat d stolen recovered?

There are 4 category's of domestic vehicle write off, here in the UK. Category D covers vehicles recovered after the claim was settled. It also covers cars with minor damage that were still not worth fixing. You can expect a third off the value due to the uncertainly this brings. When you come to i ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds most stolen item?

There are a few statistics that show "Money" is the worlds most stolen item, more than likely because it is the one thing that every country has in common.

Does homeowners insurance cover renters belongings when their house was broken into and items were stolen?

If you are the owner of the house, and are renting to tenants (making you the landlord), then you only have insurance on the house (dwelling coverage - not homeowners coverage) and not the personal contents of the renters. In this case, no, your insurance will not cover their loss. It is the respons ( Full Answer )

How do stolen items set off store alarms?

Usually the store item has hidden within it somewhere a small magnetic or sensitive piece of tape which activates a scanner, or detector, located near the doorway. Thus when you leave the store with a stolen item, or leave the library with a book you wish to steal, the hidden sensitive tape activate ( Full Answer )

Is it true when you invite someone in your home and later come back to rob you can you recover stolen items in small claims court?

No, you won't have to do that. It doesn't work that way. When the defendant is arrested and the goods he stole from you are seized and impounded to be produced for evidence at his trial - once the trial is over and the need for the evidence no longer exists, the police will return the stolen propert ( Full Answer )

How would you retrieve stolen items from family members?

If you cannot convince them to return them your only recourse is to report the theft to law enforcement and have them prosecuted. The stolen items will be confiscated as evidence, and if the court case finds them guilty of theft, the property will be returned to you.

You had something stolen from a package and the package was taped back up How can you get your money for the items stolen?

If the package was sent US Mail and insured, you can file a claim for missing or damaged goods. Otherwise, you can only file a report of rifling and there is usually no way to confirm the loss or the value of the loss. Delivery of insured packages normally requires a signature to accept them. Other ( Full Answer )

What happens if the car gets stolen and its still on finance with no insurance?

Car stolen and No Insurance. Well that really depends on what you do. As you know Failure to maintain the necessary coverage is a breach of the contract that you signed with the finance company. You were responsible for the note and you are still liable for the unpaid balance. Usually the ( Full Answer )

Can you get in trouble if you buy a stolen item without knowing it's stolen?

Yes, you definitely could. And after you get arrested for receiving stolen property, you will have to produce evidence or a believable explanation why you didn't know it was stolen when you bought it. If someone offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true. . . BELIEVE IT. . . it usually IS. ( Full Answer )

What item is most often stolen in hotels?

I would say towels. If may be those little bars of soap, but I think they expect people to take them. I don't think they would count them as stolen.

How do you get a stolen item back?

well now see if its something like a car you go to the police.However if its something you don'tthink they could help you with .well then hire you an undercover cop.that should do it.

Is it a crime to sell stolen items?

It is a severe offence to steal an item of someone elses belonging and its also a severe offence to sell those items. Never break the law.

If a rented car is stolen and insurance pays but then the car is recovered what happens to the car?

The finder is obligated under civil and criminal law to notify the Police and the Owner of the vehicles recovery and location so they can come pick it up. Since the the Insurance Company already paid for it. It belongs to the Insurance Company. If the Rental company wants it back, They will have to ( Full Answer )

Does homeowners insurance cover stolen items at college?

If you have off premise coverage on your policy and the stolenitems were scheduled on your homeowners insurance policy then Yes,you should be covered for those items. Contact your insurance agent for clarification of your insurancecoverage.

What can happen to you if you get stolen?

If you are stolen, there is a chance that you will never see your family again. You could experience some very bad things that are best not discussed here. Your life could be one of pain, suffering and fear. Though that might seem like it could never happen to you, it can! That is the reason it i ( Full Answer )

Does automobile insurance cover items stolen from an automobile?

No. Auto insurance will only cover the vehicle and items that came installed standard on the vehicle. You can, however make a claim on your homeowners insurance for other items stolen from your vehicle. Homeowners insurance gives you coverage for items off premises up to 10% of your contents coverag ( Full Answer )

Can a stolen psn account be recovered?

Yes, you'd have to contact Sony, by telling them the details with which the account was registered, you can prove you're the owner.

What happens to recovered cars that were reported stolen?

The first thing that happens when a stolen car is recovered, the police inform the owner of the recovery, usually in writing. The owner then takes up the matter by informing his insurance company of the recovery and valuation is done. The car is then handed to the rightful owner.