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What happens if leaves of green plant are coated with oil?

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The plant will not be able to take in sunlight and the plant will not be able to make food and die.

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What would happen if the leaves of a money plant coated with oil?

if the leaves of a money plant will get coated with oil the plant will not able to synthesis the food . .....

What happens if surface of leaves is coated with Vaseline?

When leaf surface is coated with Vaseline then plant will start getting yellow with the passage of time because Vaseline will stop the process of photosynthesis. This yellowing is known as chlorosis.

What happens in lack of magnesium in plants?

the plant will not have enough chlorophyll to produce green leaves thank you

Why are sunflower leaves green?

same reason all plant leaves are green

Is there any plants that don't have green leaves?

there is a plant that dosent have green leaves

What is a variegated plant?

A plant having variegated leaves( green leaves having patches of other than green color) is called variegated plant.

What happen to plant leaves grown in light?

the plant leaves will grow healthy.the color will be green

Does a plant with green leaves make more food than a plant with purple leaves?


The leaves of a plant appear green because chlorophyll does what?

The leaves of a plant appear green because the chlorophyll collect green light. This light is used during photosynthesis.

What would happen if you coated the leaves of a plant with wax?

traspiration does not occurs and stomata remains closed

What is the role of cholorophyll in a plant's leaves?

it makes the plant leaves green

What plant in the desert has waxy leaves?

green ape leaves like you

Where is food made in a plant?

In the green leaves.

Why doesn't a mushroom have green leaves?

It is not a plant

What is chlorophlly?

Is the green colour in plant leaves

What plant has leaves that are never green?

cactus. cactie leaves are the thorns and the fleshy green part is the stem

Give few plant name have no green leaves IN INDIA?

How many plants in india have no green leaves

What happens after germination as the plant produces roots and leaves?


Why does chlorophyll make plant leaves appear green?

Because chlorophyll is a green colouring pigmen that contains starch and chlorophyll is present in the leaves of plant.

What happens as a plant grows new leaves?

nothing happens

What happens to starch in leaves?

after the plant photosynthesises, it has some left over glucose that the leaves covert into starch. The starch is then stored in the chlorophyl (the green pigment in the leaves). At night or in the dark, the plant can't photosynthesise so it respires the stored starch instead

What substance makes plant leaves green?

Plant leaves contain chlorophyll in its chloroplasts in mesophyll cells which make plant leaves green. Chlorophyll helps in photosynthesis by absorbing solar radiation for photolysis of water molecules.

Why are leaves not green in the fall?

Because there's not a lot of sun to make them greenThere is a chemical in leaves that makes them green during the summer, when the plant is thriving, but in winter or fall, the plant hibernates, which causes a chemical reaction, turning the leaves of the plant red or orange or yellow.

What is the green dye present in most leaves of a plant?

=== Chlorophyll === It is not simply a dye to make the leaves green. Chlorophyll is the substance which allows the plant to feed itself.

Which part of the plant is involved in photosynthesis?

The green parts of the plant. Mainly leaves are involved