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The defendant(s) would be considered to be "judgment proof" (legal term execution proof). This means the person has not property that can be seized nor wages or bank account(s) that can be garnished by creditors for repayment of the debt. It is not uncommon for a lawsuit defendant to be "judgment proof", the creditor can still record the judgment in hopes that the debtor will not always remain in his present economic status.

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Q: What happens if someone sues you and you do not have any money or assets?
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What is it called when someone sues someone for money?


What happens if someone sues you because they fell on your property?

Contact your homeowner's insurance company immediately and notify them of your situation.

What can you do if someone sues you?

If someone sues you, you will need to hire an attorney. An attorney can represent you in a court and make sure your best interests are served.

What happens if credit card dues are not paid n credit card company sues you?

they will take your money and repossess your belongings

What is the person called who sues someone?


Can they sues me for the money?

if you owe money to someone or a company they will come after you to pay, this is your obligation to do so, so yes they can sue you for monies owed plus interest and court costs.

What is counter claim?

Someone who is sued sues back.

Who hears the case when a person sues the federal government for money?

Tax court

Should you sue for harassment?

Yes, but you need to prove damages and you need proof that this person or people are harassing you. Hard to do but it happens every day where someone goes to court and successfully sues someone for harassment.

If you have 100k in assets and 100k worth of liability insurance wouldn't somebody just be able to sue me for 200k?

What someone sues you for rarely has anything to do with how much insurance you have. As a practical matter, the plaintiff will rarely go after the personal assets of a tortfeasor, unless there are social issues involved (dui) or the defendant has large assets and the injuries are very serious. no. they can sue for future earnings as well.

What do I do after a collection agency sues me?

Once a collection agency sues a person they may have to get an attorney and go to court to settle this. The agency wants you to pay the money you owe them however they can get you to do it.

How will i pay if someone sues me and i have no money in the bank. my house is my only asset?

they can't do much if you have no money and thaey may put a lean on your house if the person wins the lawsuit, but they can only collect if you sell your house so don't sell it

Can someone sue you if you live in Texas?

"Sue" is an old word. It means "ask". So when someone "sues" you in court he/she is just asking the court to award them some of your money or other resources. That can be in any state so long as there are courts.

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What happens if a creditor sues you and you cannot pay because you do not have a job?

this site will answer your queries on credit problems

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What is the term for someone who sues another person?

The person who is filing the lawsuit against someone is the plaintiff in the US court system.

Jennifer wants to start a business but protect herself from liability. She should select what form of business?

An LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) is one of the easiest to form and is ideal for a single-proprieter business model. This will protect her personal assets from the business if someone ever sues the business.

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