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My uncle was beneficiary on his mother's policy and has since passed away leaving no named beneficiary, so do the proceeds get distributed pursuant to the will? Yes Otherwise, check the rules for your state on "intestate" sucession. This situation is why it's a good idea to name a secondary beneficiary. If the primary passes away, the next in line gets the payout.

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Q: What happens if the beneficiary of a life insurance policy has passed away leaving no will?
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How can you find out if someone left insurance policy and named me as the beneficiary after they passed away?

if someone died and left an insurance policy and named me beneficiary how can i find out

How can you find out if you were a beneficiary on someones insurance that passed away?

Check with The Center for Life Insurance Disputes.

What is a 2nd beneficiary of life insurance and retirement plans?

A secondary beneficiary is a person who would receive the benefits of a life insurance policy or retirement plan in the event that the insured person dies and the primary beneficiary has also passed away. Then, the secondary beneficiary would receive the benefits.

What is needed to do to change a beneficiary on a life insurance policy if they have passed away?

Contact the insurance company and request a change of beneficiary form. They will mail the form to the policy owner. You fill it out and mail it back to the insurance company so they can update your life insurance policy.

Does a secondary beneficiary only receive funds from a life insurance policy if the primary beneficiary has already passed?

Yes. A secondary beneficiary only becomes beneficiary if the primary beneficiary dies before the insured. Say the insured and primary beneficiary are involved in a fatal auto accident but the insured dies an hour before the primary beneficiary. The insurance proceeds would not go to the secondary beneficiary but to the estate of the primary beneficiary. If the primary beneficiary dies an hour before the insured then the secondary beneficiary receives the proceeds. If an insured wants both to receive monies they can name more than one person as primary beneficiary and in what percentage for each person. They could also leave it to their estate and handle distribution by a will.

My ex-husband passed away. I received a letting stating the ownership of my grown daughter's life insurance policy has been reverted to me. What does this mean?

it means that you now have ownership of the policy as your husband has passed away - in other words if anything happens to your daughter you are the beneficiary.

A sentence with the word beneficiary?

I was the beneficiary, when my Grandpa passed away, by getting all his possessions.

Does a life insurance policy have to be probated?

Not if there is a named beneficiary living. that makes it separate from theEstate of the deceased. example my mother recently passed away while she left a life insurance policy and stated me as the beneficiary, she also had one on me and she was the sole owner. Which makes that life insurance policy part of the estate since there was no other person who was named as owner hope that helps.

Your son-in-law died of cancer his job insurance has his mother as beneficiary can the beneficiary be change to his wifes name?

The only person that can change is has already passed away. It is too late to change the beneficiary. However, there may be a law in your jurisdiction that says that it has to be the spouse unless the spouse has signed off on the selection form.

Who collects when a policy was taken out on children by one parent and the beneficiary has recently passed away?

hopefully the beneficiary had a trust or a will

Can you find out who was the beneficiary or if there was one when your father passed away?

My mom

If you are listed in a life insurance policy as a beneficiary along with a person that is deceased. Who is awarded the benefits?

You are very entitled. But they do not have to tell any information about the policy, without consent of the insured. Yes, if the insured person has passed and you are the beneficiary, you should call the insurance company and go through their steps to claim the benefit. It is the responsibility of someone that knows the Insured has passed to inform the Insurance Company. If no one tells them, they will assume that the insured no longer wants the policy and they will cancel it. It will require you to show a signed sealed death certificate and possibly other documents. It is sometimes different for each company. They then will issue a check to the person(s) listed on the policy as the beneficiary.

What is basic term life insurance?

Term life insurance is what people call "pure insurance." You pay a premium for a specific period of time, usually 10 to 30 years, and the company will pay a death benefit to your beneficiary if you passed away in that time period. You designate an amount with the insurance company and they will pay exactly that amount.

How long does it take to validate a thief claim renters insurance?

If a person has two or more life insurance policy, what happens in case the insurer passed away?

My brother who recently passed stated i was on his life insurance How can you find out if i am a beneficiary on a life insurance policy with the military in the state of Texas?

If you were on his life insurance policy and he was military, they will be contacting you. No worries. You would simply contact the SGLI claims department and file a claim, or at the least find out who is in fact a beneficiary. Try this link for a link to VA Affairs and a phone number. They will point you in the right direction.,15356,165322,00.html

What happens when methane is passed through red hot silica tube?

I would guess it turns to silane, leaving soot in the tube.

My father passed away with no will He had only an RRSP and life insurance totalling 50 000. The beneficiary listed is his mother and you are his only living heir Do you have any claim to the monies?

Not unless you're the this case.

Your mother is the beneficiary of your fathers life insurance policy in the state of Florida she dies first does money go to your mothers children?

I am assuming the father is still living? In any event, a life insurance policy is not a probate asset, meaning that it does not pass in the will (exception being certain trusts). The insurance policy is a contract, and passed by operation of law.

Your husband passed away and had credit cards in his name can they take money out of the life ins that you are beneficiary?


How do you add my name on my mothers deed if she passed away i have the will i am the beneficiary?

Call your County Clerk's office.

My sister passed away and had a life insurance policy with Continental Assurance Company I am the beneficiary of this policy How do you I present this information to you to collect the benefit of this?


What happens to a bill that is passed by the Senate?

I want to know what happens to a bill that is passed by the Senate?

Can the deceased beneficiary of someones will share of the estate be passed on to their child?

Yes, unless there is a stipulation in the will stating otherwise.

Does my son have a claim against his dads life insurance policy if his dads girlfriend is named sole beneficiary but stated he wanted his son to have money for school if he died?

It depends on the goodwill of the girlfriend. Hopefully, his Dad has not passed and can put the information into writing. Also, there are options when you sign up for life insurance to indicate percentages to beneficiaries.

Are life insurance procees taxable if the employer paid the premiums?

No. Life insurance benefits are not eligable for taxation unless the insured passed away without assigning a beneficiary. In this situation the benefits are paid into the deceased's estate and are subject to any back taxes or child support owed by the deceased, or the would be inheritor. Cash value is not the same as an insurance benefit and may be taxable in some situations. Group (employment) insurance has no cash value.