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The lender waits and waits and waits. Who can resist Amerika?

AnswerThe lender can still file a lawsuit against the party involved. It doesn't matter if the person can be served with the summons, only that a reasonable attempt was made. In a case where it is evident the debtor is attempting to defraud the creditor the debtor will loose by default. The lender will then receive a writ of judgment to execute against any property the borrower may have left. This includes bank accounts and all other property, as the debtor obviously will not be able to exert their rights to personal property exemption protection. AnswerAnd they are going to spend all this money to collect how much????It is much more likely they will sell the debt and move on.So party on my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If someone gets their car repossessed and moves to another country without paying the deficiency can they be deported and forced to come back to the United States?

That would likely depend on the laws in the country they moved to. maybe one should check that BEFORE they move.AnswerNo, the above poster hasn't a clue about much and even less about international law.It always makes more sense to fight than run.The problem with running to another country is you have to pay someone to represent you here otherwise they can get a default judgment against you.Whether they will enforce is it another issue but just remember the world is getting smaller by the day....

When the US defaults on its debt does China own your house?

no, but if you're in a different country like Egypt or some other country then yes

Can we apply for the visa of another country from another country?

You can apply for a visa of another country from another country.

In which country is Spain?

Spain is a country. One country cannot belong to another country, or be "in" another country.

What is a word for a country that is friends with another country?

A country that is a 'friend' of another country is called an ally.

What is a country governed by another country called?

If a country is governed by another country it becomes a colony.

Why wont your Chrysler town and country downshift back into first gear?

The transmission computer defaults to second gear when it detects a malfunction and sets a code.

What if you refuse to allow your car to be repossed?

If it is to be repossessed legally then you are guilty of an offence. The offence and the penalty would depend on the circumstances and the country in which you reside.

Is Jamaica owned by another country?

no jamaica is not owned by another country

Is any country have the highest rates of deficiency diseases and why?

Type your answer here... u answer me.im asking this question from u

What is a country called when it takes over another country?

That is an invasion when one country takes another.

How can 1 country effect another?

One country can affect another in many ways - the most obvious would be that one country could declare war on another country.

What is a country that helps another country whether in peace or war?

A country that helps another country whether in peace or war is an ally.

What is another name for a country parson?

Another name for a country parson is vicar.

Does Spain belong to another country?

The answer is No. One country cannot belong to another.

Does the antarctica share a border with another country?

No. Antarctica is a continent, and is not a country with which another country could share a border.

How do you unlock country code of 5610 nokia mobile using in Asia?

By 'unlock' did you mean the PIN or Security code? By defaults PIN - 0000 Security Code - 12345

Can a country bring defamation charges to another country?

One country can bring defamation charges to another country when there is sufficient grounds to do so.

Is barbados a country?

It is a country .Another thing it is a coricum country.

What country does kwashiorkor come from?

The former is a protein deficiency disease that affects millions of children in Tropical areas, particularly in Africa.

What is another word for country estates?

Another word for country estates is villa or villas.

Was Russia part of another country until 1991?

was russia owned by another country

Was France ever a colony of another country?

No, France was never a colony of another country.

Does France belong to another country?

No, France has never been a colony of another country.

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