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you can start hallucinating

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What happens when you chip a molar?

When a molar is chipped it will need to be repaired by a dentist. If the tooth is not repaired the tooth can become further damaged or possibly infected.

What is inside the larynx?

The LARYNX is inside your throat. Singers use it a lot when taking breaths. The happens to be nothing inside the larynx. It is just a muscle.

What happens when you remove larynx?

cannot able to speak

What do you call an infected hair on an elephant?

'An Infected Hair' OR 'An Infected Hair, On An Elephant' OR 'An Infected Hair, That Happens To Be On An Elephant'

What happens if the brains cells are damaged?

what happens if the brain cells are damaged? Your brain might be damaged permanently. You could be brain dead.

What is debridement?

Debridement is the process of the removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue.

When your diaphragm twitches and pushes air through your larynx what happens?

You hiccup.

How are blood cells damaged?

well its simple. t36 granulocytes are damaged by the invasion of the HIV virus, which makes use of this host's apparatus to reproduce asexually, and after all this has been done then the infected cell will burst. red blood cells are damaged by Protoctista (plasmodium) where by they are infected and eventually burst

What happens when the diaphragm is damaged?

when diaphragm is damaged breathing movements are stopped.

What happens if lungs get damaged?

if your lungs get damaged your respitary system will go wrong

What happens if the nephrons are damaged?

If a nephron gets damaged it will reduce its filtering capacity.

What happens to the larynx as you swallow the food you eat?

There is a piece of cartilage called the epiglottis which folds over the opening of the larynx as the person is swallowing. This prevents food from going into the windpipe.

What happens when you are infected with tetanus?

youbleed in the bottom

What happens if your tattoo gets infected?

we get it check out

What happens when the spinal cord is damaged?

When your spinal cord is damaged you may not be able to walk

What happens to muscles when hurt or damaged?

the muscle is damaged and makes it hard to move around.

What happens if cerebellum is damaged?

Y0U might died or have a very bad damaged in your cerebellum

What happens to damaged jugular vein?

not much

What happens when a laptop falls and get damaged?

It Breaks

What happens to erythrocytes as they get damaged and worn?


What happens to damaged cell organelles?

They are digested.

What happens to the body when it gets infected?

you cough, sneeze

What happens if you do not keep a wound clean?

It'll get infected...

What happens when you fracture your larynx?

When you Fracture your larynx. These Fracture can cause air to escape into the neck and chest, and can cause respiratory problems and even death. If not treated or getting medical help ASAP

What happens when the mitochondria are damaged?

If the mitochondria are damaged or destroyed, the cell's energy requirements are not met and it can die

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