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What happens if the mother rabbit dont want the baby rabbits?


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January 22, 2012 11:40AM

Sadly this happens a lot but is quiet bad. First go to your vets and check that the mum definatly doesnt want the kits. Beacause if the mum does want them but you follow the next step things coloud be worse. The vet will give you some help, but from what i've heard, you will have to bring up the rabbits yourself, this may be hard but worth it, rabbits can be your best friends, you can buy from the vets a kit that has little milk bottles and other key things, you will just have to do what the mother would. Remember to be very gentle as you dont want to hurt them. and please dont blame the mother rabbit, she will need as much love as the baby rabbits. Please check with the vets if anything seems wrong even the slightest thing. ANd believe me you will have years of fun with rabbits!

Bunnies will be there when your friends arent! :D