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I can see the need for this question. The power goes out frequently around my house. I have a generator that only puts out 110VAC. I made a special adapter to plug it into the breaker box. I made it so both legs in the box are live. This way, I have power anywere in the house. Of course I turn off the main breaker, but I also keep the 220VAC breakers off. The appliance will function but it will be taking twice as much current from one leg of the mains instead of equal amounts from both legs. If the total power required by the appliance is too high - and other appliances, lamps, or whatever plugged into that same leg are taking their normal loads - this way of supplying the 240V appliance may cause the main breaker for that single leg to trip. If that happens you must stop supplying the 240V appliance in this way or at least turn off all the other appliances running from that leg until the breaker stays "on" quietly and safely. Remember that such 240V appliances, as supplied for 60Hz systems as in US or Canada, are designed to run on two "hot" legs (Black and Red), not just one leg. So this kind of "double hooking-up" should really only be tried in emergencies, as the Answer above describes. why would you even ask such a question? The appliance will not function.

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Q: What happens if the same 120V source is supplied to both hot terminals of a 240V appliance?
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What happens when you plug a 110 volt appliance into a 220 volt source?

The 110 appliance will run faster than normal and burn out.

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For an ideal current source, this means replace the current source with an open circuit. Resistance can then be calculated across the terminals.

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What happens if you plug a 220 volt appliance into a 240 volt outlet?

They are the same, just different ways of describing it. You should also be sure the frequency is the same--50Hz vs. 60Hz. In general, if the appliance and the source are wired properly, the plug will only connect if the source is compatible.

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What happens when a 120 volt appliance is plugged into a 240 volt source?

If it's a true 120 V only appliance, and not a dual-use appliance it will most likely break immediately. There may be a fuse in the unit, which can be replaced the unit to get it working(with the right voltage) again, or the unit may be permanently destroyed.

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it depends on the transformer size and the period of time involved if continuous it should just blow the breaker and itself.

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in case of ideal voltage source we consider the internal resistance to be zero.but in practical,every battery has some internal resistance then if you connect a load resistance across the terminals of that source,the net potential difference's across the voltage source will be a function of external resistance connects it won't give constant voltage across it's terminals.

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Potential energy

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A voltage source (V) is modeled by connecting its internal impedance (Zg) in series. If we determine the impedance across the voltage source terminals, it should be Zg, and it is possible only if the voltage source is short-circuited.An equivalent current source is modeled by connecting the current source (V/Zg) in parallel with the internal impedance Zg. For the two sources to be equivalent, their impedances across their terminals must be equal. This is possible only if the current source is open-circuited.

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What happens when 110 volt equipment is plugged into a 120 volt source?

It is not uncommon to find ratings on appliances of 110v,115v,120v,125v depending on where it was manufactured. Typically these ratings allow a tolerance of + or- 10%, meaning an appliance with a 110v rating may be plugged into a source that provides between 99v and 121v.

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