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If you mean "What happens if there is no oil in transmission" then lots of bad things.
Like very large repair bill. It's time to take it to a Transmission Shop Like AAMCO. Good Luck and Remember.
Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.
Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.
See My Bio For more information.

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Q: What happens if there is on oil in transmission?
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What happens if there is too much oil in the transmission?

Too much transmission fluid in the transmission can cause the transmission seals to leak. The transmission builds up pressure when going down the road. The added pressure can blow up they seals.

When you check oil in car is that transmission oil?

You can check the motor oil or the transmission fluid.

How do i drain transmission fluid on a 96 dodge Dakota?

Remove the transmission oil pan Remove the transmission oil pan Remove the transmission oil pan

What transmission oil is used for an Acura rsxs?

The Acura recommended transmission oil is any SAE certified transmission oil. The transmission holds approximately 9 quarts of transmission fluid.

Where does the Transmission oil go?

In the transmission.

How do you change ML55 transmission oil?

How do you change ML55 transmission oil?

What happens if you put gear oil in a dodge five speed transmission instead of dexron III?

To my best guess and thinking. Gear oil is 90 weight oil and dexron3 is 10 weight oil. 90 wt. being thicker would cause your traqns to get hot and could burn up your trans. But, if it is an older transmission some auto makers recomend using heavier oil in the transmission. But this is only on a manual transmission. brewski

What happens if you put a little automatic transmission fluid in engine oil?

It is possible to thin the engine oil far enough that it loses it's lubricating ability and could cause irrepairable harm to the engine. Engine oil lubricates. Transmission oil is designed to run through a pump as it lubricates. An automatic transmission is a pump. Totally different from the oil pump found in an engine.

What happens when a standard car doesnt have transmission oil?

A manual transmission will become noisy, shift hard and eventually self destruct. An automatic will simply not pull the car.

What is the name of the small radiator that has a flo of transmission oil in it?

transmission oil cooler

Where is the transmission oil in a 1995 Chrysler cirrus?

The trans oil is inside the transmission.

What happens when you put engine oil into the auto oil part of your car?

If you mean automatic transmission, engine oil will ruin the the seals and friction material. Do not drive, change the fluid immediately.

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