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Remove the Water from Gas Tank: Depending on how much water got into the tank you can use a product like HEET that is sold in the automotive section of most stores that helps remove water from fuel. If there was a large amount of water the best way to remove it is to unhook the gas line where it goes into the engine and let it drain out. I would suggest putting a additive like HEET in with the gas after you do this to help get rid of any left over water.

A newer additive, Dave Liles Ethanol Fuel additive is an ethanol prodcut that might be better at absobing water than an isopropyl alcohol product like HEET. The Liles Ethonal is at Lowe's and other places. Depending on your location, some States sell reformulated gas which contains up to 10% ethanol. Using an alcohol based additive will increase the alcohol content and could damage your engine. It is best to drain the tank and refill with fresh gas, preferably treated with a fuel stabilizer, such as a Briggs brand.

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2014-07-18 21:14:00
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Q: What happens if water gets in your lawn mower gas tank?
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