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The car will be sold at auction. Whatever it sells for at auction will be deducted from the balance remaining. The credit company may initially offer to accept a reduced amount on the balance, but, if you're unable to pay that, they will turn it over to collections for the full amount of the balance remaining.

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Q: What happens if you can't pay any remaining balance on a repossessed car and do not have a job?
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How do you stop collections on a repossessed vehicle My car was repossessed in Missouri the bank sold it and now a collector wants me to pay the balance not the difference. Any advice I need help?

When your car is repo'd and it is auctioned off you are to pay only the balance of what you owe on the loan. So if you owed 10,000 and is sold for 8,000 you pay the balance of the loan whic is 2,000. If you have collections on your credit report call and have it investigated this way they cant keep renewing it for 7 years.

What can you do if the lender repossess your car and they get half of the loan and you cant pay the balance?

The lender will come after you for the remaining balance after the car is auctioned.You can either declare banckruptcy or work out a payment plan...or thelender can seek a judgment to garnish your wages.

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