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Usually the lender will obtain a judgment againt the debtor for the amount due. One of the options to collect it is to garnishee the debtors wages. Good Luck

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Can car be repossessed with 2 payments left?

yep....pay it off so they cant

Is there a time of the day your car cant be repossessed?

No u can get ur car repossed any day and any time.

What are your options to prevent garnishment if your car has been repossessed in Oregon?

First option is work strictly for CASH. Cant garnishee what they cant see. Oregon laws are here and here

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What happens when you have a car loan and you cant pay it?

It gets repossessed. You can contact the lender and see if they will do a voluntary repossession where you give them the car or they will at some point do an involuntary where the repo man shows up and takes the car. Answer Wash the car and show up at the dealership. Get a ride home.

My car was repossessed and they wont give me back the car unless i pay the car off?

that's the point of repossession. you cant pay, they take it away.

What are the laws in Maryland regarding retrieving personal property from a repossessed vehicle?

same as anywhere else. they CANT keep it, but may charge you a fee for inventory and storage.

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I really cant answer that, but in my opinion it would be smart to go back and see if you can get some kkind of proof of ownership

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