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It will change states from a gas to plasma. The order of standard phase is solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.

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Solubility of gases increase with increase in temperature

The volume increase when the temperature increase.

if you were to constantly increase the temperature of a solid you would eventually reach the melting point for that particular substance, at which time the solid would melt to a liquid. if you were to keep heating the substance, at some point the liquid would reach its boiling point and would evaporate to a gas.

Increasing the temperature the number of particles remain constant and the pressure increase.

the temperature decreases as you increase in altitude.

When the temperature increase the solubility also increase.

The speed of particles increase when temperature increase.

enthalpy will increase with decrease in temperature.

Ozone is a greenhouse gas. Increase in amount of ozone will increase the temperature of the atmosphere.

The pressure will increase if the volume remains the same.

Generally, viscosity decreases when temperature increases.

If you increase the temperature of a gas, its particles (atoms or molecules) will speed up. If it is in a closed container, the pressure will also increase.

The speed of evaporation increase when the temperatre increase.

Increases in temperature cause increase in pressure with gases

The pressure of a gas increases with an increase in temperature.

The solubility of potassium nitrate increase with the temperature.

The temperature increase over 0 0C for melting.

It might. Enzymes have optimal pH and temperature ranges. Change the pH or temperature and the shape of the enzyme will change. When this happens, the enzyme will work differently. If you increase the temperature from too cold to just right, enzymatic activity will increase. If you increase the temperature from just right to too hot, it will decrease.

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