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It depends on whether you mean you received the deed (delivery of the deed) from the grantor or seller, or if you received it from the county clerk or recording office 5 mos after the closing. In what are called "race-notice" states, (NY is one, for example), the deed is effective when recorded, so the fact that you received it in the mail five mos later doesn't affect your title to the property. If you didn't receive it from the seller or it didn't get recorded till five mos. after your closing, you didn't own the property until the deed was delivered and recorded. If you do not receive a deed until five months after closing, it does not mean ownership hasn't been changed or recorded properly title insurance ensures your interest as well as the lenders. Check with your local recording division or your title company as their attorney(s) should see to it all documents are handled accordingly.

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A deed transfers ownership as soon as it is recorded in the land records, usually on the date of the closing. Some land record offices take a long time to return the original recorded documents to the new owner but the recording date is the operative factor.

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Q: What happens if you do not get your deed until five months after closing would the property still be legal?
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What is a letter of execution in a house closing?

Deed is a letter of execution in a house closing. The legal document that informs who owns the property is called title.

What if your address on your mortage note is not your property Is there an out to mortage?

The street address of a property is what the property is commonly known as but the mortgage is goverened by the legal description. There may have been a mistake on the address but I'll bet that if you look at the legal description in your closing documents, it matches your property.

Renter that has not paid rent in two months we don't have a lease so how do i get rid of her?

its you legal property. then she is tresspassing.

I purchased a property with fiduciary deed and now you want to sell the property will you have a problem?

As long as you had the title to the property examined by a professional there shouldn't be any problem. The attorney who represented you at the closing would have made sure the estate was in order and that the fiduciary had the legal authority to convey the property.

What happens to an unowned building?

a property is never allowed to remain without owner. as soon as the owner of a property ceases to be so by reason of death or otherwise, the property passes on to the next legal heir. and when there is no such legal heir, it passes on to the state by escheat..

What happens to property in cohabitation when one dies?

What happens to property when the owner dies depends on how the property is titled not whether the owner "co-habitated" with another person. Generally, co-habitation does not provide any legal rights of inheritance.

Does a person have a legal right to trespass on private property to retrieve personal property from where they were staying for two months?

Depending on the laws in your state you may or may not have the right to trespass on the property. The safest way to get your property back would be to explain the situation to the police and have them escort you to get your property.

What happens if no one claims probate for will?

If the testator died owning property and no one files the Will then legal title to the decedent's property will not pass to the heirs.

What happens if you own half of property with someone in jail?

That person does not lose their property ownership rights. Noting can be disposed of without their legal okay, no different than if they were not in jail.

Is hommesole property titles legal in va?

is hommesole property titles legal in Virginia

Can you have your name on the deed of a property that you are only living in?

Yes. If the legal owner transfers the property to you by their deed.Yes. If the legal owner transfers the property to you by their deed.Yes. If the legal owner transfers the property to you by their deed.Yes. If the legal owner transfers the property to you by their deed.

If a property is destroyed before the closing takes place who takes the loss - buyer or seller?

The legal owner must cover the loss. The property should be insured by the legal owner, the seller, up until the time when the deed is recorded. The buyer has no title until the deed is recorded. Once the deed is recorded the buyer's insurance becomes operative.

What happens if a spouse takes his name off a deed prior to a legal separation from a spouse?

He no longer owns any interest in the property.

What is an appropriate closing for a legal letter?

Sincerely or Best Regards

Does a letter of conveyance of raw acreage to children have to go to closing and does owner who signed it over need to go to closing?

Depending upon your local counties guidelines a deed (letter of conveyance) is typically handled by a real estate attorney. typically you will get charged alot too! if there is going to be a mortgage on this property, than yes it must be handles by a closing attorney. Real estate is transferred by a deed, the grantor is the person who is selling/giving the property away, the grantee is the person receiving the property. A deed of conveyance must be taken to the county recorder or real estate clerk in which the property is in, it must have the date, grantor, grantee names, the legal description of the property, all parties must sign and it must be notarized. Here's the tricky part: if only a portion of the acreage is being sold (referred to as "sell-off") there must be a survey done. That is so there is a legal description for both pieces of property. So, I hope this helps you out a bit.

A rental property was deeded over to siblings via a life estate deed transfer who is legally liable in the event the property is sued?

The siblings are the legal owners of the property so they would be legally liable. For example, if someone was injured on the property they would sue the legal owners. If the property taxes were not paid the legal owners would be liable and the property would be taken as against the legal owners.

What happens when you do not pay the taxes on your home?

Municipalities have the legal authority to take possession of real property when the property taxes become delinquent. The legal procedure varies from state to state but generally, the municipality can clear the title through a tax taking procedure and then sell it to a new owner.

Can a co owner of a property have the other evicted?

No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.No. Co-owners each have the legal right to the use and possession of the property.

Is it legal to sell property without disclosing sewer problems in Virginia?

No it is not legal or moral to sell property with known problems.

What legal rights do you have on a property with YOUR name on the mortgage?

The deed/title to any property determines the legal ownership, not the mortgage. If you are not named on the deed to the property, you have no "automatic" ownership rights.

Real property or personal property depends on agreement?

No. They are legal definitions.

When does the buyer legally own the property on which he is closing?

The buyer becomes the legal owner when the deed is delivered. However, the deed must be recorded immediately in order for the new owner to become the record owner.

Is it legal to draw random people on the street?

No it is not legal. It is defacement of property.

You used your company phone for texting chat rooms for a period of 3 months then stopped your company have now dismissed you for gross misconduct 4 months after you had stopped is this fair?

It doesn't have to be fair. It is legal. You misused company property.

What happens to a stolen car after it is found?

The law requires that the Police Department be notified. The police will then notify legal owner so they can come and claim the property.