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It is important to pay traffic tickets before the date provided on the ticket. If a person does not pay a speeding ticket, they can accumulate late fees and possibly go to jail.

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Q: What happens if you don't pay a speeding ticket in Canada?
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What happens if you get a speeding ticket in Virginia and live in Indiana and don't pay the ticket?

They will probably get your license number and then if you dont pay they will track you down

You got speeding ticket in bufflo and you m in Canada how can you pay your speeding ticket from Canada?

You need to purchase an envelope and place a stamp on it, then put it in the mail system of Canada. It will then get mailed across the border to Buffalo. You could probably even pay it online, or even try and make some calls to the dept who gave you the ticket. Or if you are a permanent resident of Canada and dont plan on going back to the US, I'd burn the ticket.

What happens if you dont pay a speeding ticket in georgia?

Your driver's license will be suspended and the next time you are stopped you will spend some time in jail.

How much does a speeding ticket in Alabama cost?

You pay $6 for a speeding ticket in Alabama. Dueces!!!! Dont forget to watch the 60 seconds show.

What happens if you get a speeding ticket on a learners permit but your parent was in the car?

Depending on the state but you have to get your license delayed for 1 year from the date of the ticket. Most likely though, if you do drivers school your fine. Just be careful and dont speed. Also try and fight the ticket in court.

Can an off-duty state police officer issue a speeding ticket in Pennsylvania?

i dont think so

What happens if you dont pay a seatbelt ticket?

Eventually your driver license will be suspended until the ticket is paid.

What happens if you dont sign the ticket?

This happened to me. You will be handcuffed, arrested and booked. It is a misdemeanor. Just sign the ticket!

What happens if you dont pay a parking ticket?

you will go to jail or be on house arrest

How much will a speeding ticket cost in NJ for doing 70 in a 55 mph zone?

alot of money so simply...dont speed3

How can you fight radar speeding ticket?

1 drive a really black car 2 drive with other cars 3 dont speed

If you get a speeding ticket in Texas do they report it to other states?

No. In fact I just got a 180$ speeding ticket in Texas and they didn't even check my insurance because it was an out of state vehicle. However, if they ran your insurance when you got pulled over (out of state vehicles sometimes they dont) then it will be reported to your insurance.

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