Depression and Bipolar Disorder

What happens if you don't treat bipolar disorder?


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well there are many types and it affects everyone differently u could be fine unlikely many ppl try to self diagnose and go untreated this may work for years but they have a break down and are lucky to end up hospitalized u should really see a psychiatrist

A little more info

A number of things can happen if Bipolar disorder goes untreated. Some of these are: losing your job, destroying friendships, becoming distant with your family members (including your children), huge relationship troubles, overspending - causing significant financial troubles, and when in the depressive stage you can have suicidal ideations - some to the point of actual suicide attempts. Not getting help isn't just unfair to you, you are also hurting the people around you - the ones who love you and/or depend on you.

To think that you can get through it on your own is very unrealistic and unfortunately there isn't, as of yet, a cure for this disorder. Therefore, taking medication and sticking to a treatment plan is extremely important. Also (as my therapist likes to remind me) when you feel like you no longer need to take your meds, it is so important that you ignore that feeling as the meds and therapy are what have gotten you to the point of feeling better. Stopping your treatment is only going to eventually (for some, sooner than others) put you right back where you started before being diagnosed - if not, the symptoms may be more severe than before.