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More than likely the court will approve judgment papers to the lender. The judgment will show on your credit report making it hard for you to get credit later. Also if you own a house, and try to sell it later, this judgment will get settled or paid at the closing. Not to mention that if you have a job, they can send a wage assignment to your work, so you will be paying thru your paycheck. (And it may not be a pretty sight--what you will actually net when the money is taken out.)The judgment will have to be paid sooner or later.

Best you go to court now and plead your case.

Get an attorney, if you don't, make sure you have all your paper work when you go. Any legal papers, any letters, cancelled checks or money order receipts, any scrap of paper that will help you convince a judge that you had good reason not to pay or they had no good reason to repo in other words you made the payments but they repoed anyway.Good Luck

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Q: What happens if you don't go to court after you are served on a car repo?
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What happens if you don't turn a car over to the repo man?

they will repo it

When will they repo?

When you dont pay your payments on something

Can a repo man take your vehicle without being served?


Can you be taken to court after your car has been repo?


Can you get garnished for a repo vehicle in NC?

i dont think that i can

What happens if you hide your car from repo?

It will be reported stolen.

Can you repo vinyl windows after installation?

No. You have to take it to court now. Did they not pay you?

Doesnt the bank have to get a court order to repo your motorcycle?

No, they sure don't.

What happens if you stop paying your car loan?


What happens if your car loan is illegal?

then they take your car and repo it.

Can i repo my vehicle back from someone who did not pay?

yes if they have not got the viechel in there name if so ur stuck but not there name get a court order if they dont give u it back get the cops to arest them

What happens to you if your car gets repoed?

The car will be sold. You are then responsible for the difference in what it sells for and the balance on the loan. You credit is then also ruined for seven years.AnswerI do repos. The creditor will sell the car and sue you for the difference and they will not try to get the most out of it. however in order to get a judgment on you they first have to have you served by a sherriff to court. but if you do not answer the door you can't be served. and if you get served the creditor must not breach the peace and has to send you a certified letter to your last known address giving you 10 days to recover your vehicle and or pick up your personals. if they do not then it is concidered an illegal repocession. and can be thrown out of court. this has worked for several debtors i know of after repo.

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