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What happens if you don't pay a speeding ticket in Texas issued by a small city police department?

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You get your license revoked and/or a warrant out for your arrest.

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Can you be a police officer if you have been issued a ticket before?

It depends on the policies of the local police department. It isn't illegal to do so, and most police departments will hire officers if they have a ticket, as long as the ticket is for something minor, such as speeding.

what- One eventuality of the new police officers patrolling the highway was an increase in the number of speeding tickets issued?


Does DC have reciprocity for speeding tickets?

For a speeding ticket issued by a Police Officer, Yes! For an alleged speed camera violation, No!

What happens if a British driver is caught speeding in France?

If a British driver is caught speeding on camera in France, nothing or nearly nothing happens. If the same driver is stopped by the police for speeding, he will be fined on the spot (a fine of 90

What happens if caught speeding by police?

You'll probably get a ticket.

Can you tell if there is warrant for your arrest issued?

Take your ID to a local police department.

Why would a police officer issue a summands as apposed to arresting someone?

A summons is an alternative to an arrest but is still legally binding. If a police officer does not want to make an arrest for a misdemeanor offense, such as a speeding violation, a summons can be issued based on guidelines and policies of the department, the state, and the opinion of the officer.

Who do you call in California about a lost speeding ticket?

Any police department. Give them your drivers license number and they will tell you what to do.

When was the first warrant issued?

I am not able to view police records to see when the first warrant was issued. If you are looking for information on a warrant, I recommend contacting your local police department for more information.

How do you find out is a warrant was issued for you?

Contact your local police department, you may need to appear in person.

What is the current New Orleans Police Department issued sidearm?

Glock 22 .40 CAL

Can a cop sign my name on a speeding ticket?

Im pretty sure he can't. Call the police department and ask (not the 911 #)

What happens when a car overspeeds?

The usual result of speeding is not good. Either you will get stopped by the police and given a ticket or you can have an accident. Either way speeding is a bad idea.

Can anyone charge a police officer with speeding?

Yes. Another police officer can charge them for speeding.

What type of radar units are used by the police for issuing speeding tickets?

Depends on the department, and they may use lasers instead. Just google "police radar guns" for a sample.

What is sentence for speeding?

Speeding will result in a fine, if the police catch you.

Can you be arrested for not paying speeding tickets in California?

Yes, failure to pay results in an order to appear in court. failure to appear results in a bench warrant being issued. Once a warrant is issued police can arrest you.

Does Erie state police department have a dog unit?

Erie WHERE?Erie is either a city or a county, and unless it just happens to have a state police barracks located there, they probably operate a LOCAL police department.

How do you find the name of an insurance company in Connecticut if you only have the insurance code?

ask your police department, they are the ones who issued the code

What happens if a police damage your car during a search time?

Police are liable for the damage that they do to your car. You can file for damages against the police department to get your money.

Can an off duty police officer who saw you speeding or driving recklessly have a ticket issued to you well after the act was observed based on him noting your license plate in KY?


What is the abbreviation of police department?

PD (Police Department)

Do you capitalize police after the department name?

You capitalize 'police' after the department name, where the word is part of the department name, as in, 'The Somerville Police Department is looking to recruit more policeofficers.'

What is the statute of limitations for police to issue a speeding ticket or reckless driving citation in Georgia?

most of time, in any state... a speeding ticket and/or reckless driving ticket is issued at the time the stop is made. but standard in most states they have a year to posecute.

Hi I want to join the Air Force but they want to know your final disposition for your tickets Where can you get this?

You can get the disposition from the Police Department that issued the tickets