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What happens if you don't pay a traffic ticket don't show up for court and the police officer who wrote the ticket doesn't show up for court?

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Usually an arrest warrant for failure to appear/pay. Well, if you had shown up, you would have immediately won and not had to pay. As of now, there is probably a warrant out for your arrest due to failure to appear and having an outstanding ticket. * If neither party appears or if the arresting officer fails to appear the case is dismissed with or without prejudice.

2006-08-02 18:29:14
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Q: What happens if you don't pay a traffic ticket don't show up for court and the police officer who wrote the ticket doesn't show up for court?
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What should you obey at an intersection with a traffic signal and police officer directing traffic?

The police officer overrules any traffic signal if he is out signaling traffic.

Can you become a police officer with police traffic certificate?

to be a police officer you need to attend a state approved police academy and be state certified in the state you live in.

Can a police officer legally instruct motorists to disobey a traffic signal light?

The whole point of having a police officer directing traffic is that he will override the traffic signals in order to create a better flow of traffic. This can be necessary during unusual happenings such as a traffic accident or a sports stadium emptying out. If motorists were going to obey the traffic lights anyway, there would be no point in putting the police officer there!

Impersonating a police officer on the phone?

What happens if u impersonate a police officer over the phone

Can you be arrested for traffic ticket for lying to a police officer?


When are you not required to obey traffic signal lights?

when a police officer is directing traffic. When it is unsafe to do so.

If a police officer is directing traffic during a funeral procession you must give them?

You must always follow traffic instruction by a police officer on the road regardless of automated traffic signals, signs, or traffic rules.

How does a police officer signal traffic to stop?

waves his hands ya fool!

How much does a traffic police made a month?

Depends entirely on where the officer works.

Can a police officer direct traffic without leaving his car?

yes. . . . . .i think

What happens if you drive with no licenses?

U are caught by the traffic police..

In Texas can a police officer arrest you for running a red light?

The officer can ticket you for the traffic violation, he or she can arrest you if there are mitigating circumstances.

What should you do if a traffic signal is red and an officer signals you to stop?

stop... A police officer assuming control of that intersection will have precedence over a traffic signal. If their signals are contrary to the traffic signal, you'll follow their signal.

How does a police officer know a price of a traffic violation?

Usually the court provides a bail or fine schedule to the police department.

What happens if you strike a police officer with a deadly weapon?

you get hung

Can non certified police officer write traffic ticket?

Based on the question, I assume the officer in question is employed by the police department; however, has not completed training through the state. Yes, the police officer can issue a ticket. Although not certified, the officer has been granted authority through the police department, and holds the authority to do anything that a certified officer may do (within reason).

What is a federal police officer with DOD?

A Federal Police Officer also know as 083 Police Officer as a position identifier is a uniformed Police Officer that patrols DOD property. A Police Officer on DOD property issues summons and arrests for crimes that have taken place. Since there is no Federal traffic laws, the Police Officers enforce state motor vehicle laws. When there is an infraction that has taken place on Federal property, and there is no Federal statue to charge the person with, the Police Officer charges the person with the state law.

Is a police officer allowed to hide in order to give traffic violations?

They're not allowed to do it, but they do anyway.

Can a citzen give you a ticket?

yes....if that citizen happens to be a police officer

Can a police officer issue a traffic citation next to establishments that serve alcohol such as bars?

Yes. a officer can issue a citation in any location.

Can a police officer give a ticket when they do not have probable cause to make a traffic stop?

Police do not need probable cause to pull you over, they need reasonable suspicion. However, If you can prove that your actions were in accordance with your laws the ticket can be dismissed. Generally, If a Police Officer fails to appear in court on a traffic ticket, you can have the ticket dismissed.

If a police officer's directions are in conflict with a traffic light or sign?

If the officer is directing traffic, regardless of the sign or signal, the officer's signals take precedence.

If your ticket has incorrect information on it can you get out of it?

no. The police officer is allowed to ammend any incorrect information in traffic court.

Can a New Jersey police officer mail a traffic ticket after pulling you over?

Yes, he/she most definitely can.

Can you do something if a police officer writes a sexual insult on your citation?

You might be able to take the ticket to court and point this out to the judge or traffic hearing officer.