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What happens if you don't properly reset your engine?

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"reset your engine"?? this makes no sense. If you mean what happens if you don't reset your check engine light, then the answer is usually that the car will put itself in fail safe mode or limp mode. Depending on model and what code is causing the check engine light. Either way gas mileage will suffer, and usually car is limited in RPM's and power.

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How do you reset the engine service light on a 98 Ford Escort?

Unplug the battery for 15 mins will reset the check engine light, but watch will reset all your sensors to. Personal experience it will not read for at least 100 miles, so dont do it when you need an inspection

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How long does it take for the check engine light to go out after replacement in 1999 Si Civic?

This is not a question that someone should be asking as there are numerous trouble codes that will illuminate the check engine light. You dont "replace" the check engine light. You fix what's causing the light to come on, then reset the engine computer by pulling the main fuse under the hood. If you've properly taken care of the problem causing the light to come on then the light won't re-light. It's always best to reset the engine computer as a first step as sometimes the engine will do something to illuminate the light then resolve itself. Normally on an older Civic the cause is a worn out O2 sensor.

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What happens if you dont use an air filter in your car?

Dirty air will enter the engine causing wear to all moving parts. The life of your engine will be shortened considerably.

What happens if you dont change an air filter on the 2002 Lincoln LS?

Nothing good will come of it. Over time the filter will become so clogged that it impedes the flow of air into the engine. This will cause a RICH MIXTURE situation that can not be compensated for by the engine's computer. The Check Engine Light will come on, and the engine will not run properly (rough, stumble, etc). Along the way gas mileage will decrease noticeably.

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