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If sperm could get out of condom and you were ovulating at the time of intercourse pregnancy can happen.

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In call of duty modern warfare what happens when you collect enemy intelligence?

Over time, you get achievements when you collect enough.

How do you make sure the condom won't break?

Just make sure you put it on properly and have the right size. Always make sure you also leave enough room at the top of the condom for your semen to collect so pinch the top to squeeze the air out so it won't pop.

You just had protected sex using a condom and an emergency contraceptive pill even though the condom wasnt broken Can you get pregnant?

No, if you used the condom correctly that was enough to prevent pregnancy.

What happens to a protostar to eventually form a main sequence star?

It must collect enough mass in order for gravity to be able to turn it into a sphere.

Can you get pregnant if your on BC and used a condom?

yes,but that's only if your bc is not strong enough for your body,and if the condom pops,but other than that no you can't get pregnant.

Do i need extra large condom for my penis?

The available condom sizes are enough to fit your penis. A standard condom can definitely accommodate your penis. Manufactures have a fair idea of all penis sizes and make them to suit all.

Can you use a balloon as a condom?

No you can't. It will not be tight enough. Refer to related question below.

Is it safe to insert penis into womens anal?

Yes of course but with enough lubricant and condom

Can you get pregnant if the condom doesn't have any lubrication?

You can't get pregnant unless the condom breaks or is used wrong. Not all condoms have lube but works just as well as any other condom. If the woman is lubricated enough naturally you don't need a lubricated condom. It's not the lube that protects you from pregnancy.

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Can pre-ejaculate make a female pregnant?

Unfortunately, yes, Pre-Cum /can/, and will make you Pregnant if not taken seriously enough to wear a Condom. If teh male wears a Condom, there should, and will be no problem whatsoever, unless of course, the Condom breaks some how.

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yes, but always make sure to wear a condom for EXTRA protection

I have problem in using condom when my penis is erect i have foreskin I pull back my foreskin and try to roll condom but the condom slips of the head what can i do is pulling back foreskin right?

you dont pull it all the way just enough to the pinus opens and u see the bell inside

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