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unless you ate about a litre of it I doubt you would be too sick. I guess It depends.

this is true I've had quite a few experiences accidently eating or drinking ash. Drinking isn't so bad it sinks and you find it at the bottom. Eating it to really isn't so bad you usually get a stomach ache after about a half a smoke's worth ( funny funny story on that one)

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What happens if you eat cigarette ash and what sort of health problems would this cause?

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What happens if cigarette ash gets into an open wound?

The wound would likely become infected.

What happens if you eat a cigarette beetle?

it will make you healthy

What is inside ash of cigarette?

tobacco is inside the cigarette.

Why does cigarette ash take the fizz out of soda?


How does Ash eat his Pokemon?

Ash does not eat his Pokemon.

What do you call a tray which holds cigarette ash?

In Britain it is an ashtray.

Where is the cigarette lighter in a Toyota avensis?

In the ash tray at the bottom of the centre console.

Does the 1991 Jeep Wrangler have a cigarette lighter?

Yes it does, open the ash tray

What is fuse 18 in Chrysler 300?

cigarette power outlet in ash tray.

Does cigarette ash heal wounds or cuts?

What do ashes do to infected pierced ears

What can't you eat on ash Wednesday?

you can eat on ash wednesday whoever told you that is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happens when you smoke a half burnt cigarette?

the cigarette turn to full burnt

Will you die if you eat a cigarette?


A waste product of cigarette smoking?

The cigarette butt (filter) the plastic wrapping around the packet the packet the ash that is made while smoking the lighter you used to light the cigarette the smoke you exhaled your brain when you are smoking :)

What happens if you swallowed cigarette ashes?


What happens if you stand on a cigarette?

You burst into flames :(

Can you eat cigarrete ash?

No, you should not eat ashes.

If you prefer eating cigarette ash to smoking what are you doing to yourself?

Little or no actual harm, since there are few (if any) harmful chemicals left in the ash, but you are probably suffering from an emotional disorder known as "pica," a compulsion to eat inappropriate things. We suggest speaking to a mental health professional about it.

How do you make a volcano with ash?

The ash in question is not like charcoal ash or cigarette ash, it is a dust made form fine particles of rock. The ash comes out of the volcano very hot and when it lands it sets like concrete to form a hard rock called a 'Tuff'. It is the Tuff that forms the volcano.

Why is the mass of cigarette greater before it burns?

The mass of ash is less than the original mass of the cigarette, because in the process of burning, some of the original mass escaped as gases.

Is a cigarette being smoked it is physical change or chemical change?

It is a chemical change because it is turning in to ash

Is this sentence correct Please avoid using cups for putting ash and cigarette buds as you only use the cups for drinking tea and coffee?

"Please avoid putting ash and/or cigarette buds in cups. Cups should only be used for consuming a drink." That sounds better :)

What happens if you smoke a cigarette right after eating?


What happens if baby eats cigarette tobacco?

they puke

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