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What happens if you eat food that flies landed on?

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AnswernessNot much really.

Flies will be probably digest the food is has landed on, and to do that they need to digest it. However flies have a poor internal digestion system so they will 'vomit' digestive fluids on the fluid mix the food and the fluid and then consume it.

This is quite disgusting but the fluid is weak and you can still digest the food easily without knowledge of what has transpired.

If however, the food has been visited by many flies for a long time, the digestive fluids may be able to cause a few little problems for your digestion.

Also flies act like transport vehicles to many diseases, so if it lands on something it may have unknowingly left a small present of bacteria for you. Thankfully the bacteria will be in too small numbers to cause a problem if a fly landed on it. But you should really think how much you want to eat if lots of flies land on it, as too much bacteria can cause problems with digestion and could give you a cold (or in very rare cases, a very bad disease). Fortunately, the bacteria will fail to medicine like penicilin.

If one or two flies land on food, it should be safe and with any luck it will build up your immunity.

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Can you eat food flies have landed on?

NO if you saw it landed on your food ! YES if you don't saw it landed on your food ... how would you know if you don't see it? :P

Why do flies eat rotten food?

Flies cannot chew. They have to suck up their food. Flies have mouth parts that absorb food like a sponge. Their food has to be in a liquid form in order for them to eat it. it's easier to eat

Do flies eat pine cones?

Flies eat the things we do. When they land on our food what they do is eat it. Flies don't eat pine cones.

What is the food of a fly?

flys land on your food they taste your food with there feet and if they like it they will eat it and then regeritate it on your food, thats why your not meant to eat food after a fly has landed on it, in other words fly eat anything

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They eat rotten food.

How do flies cause food poisoning?

Flies are very nasty creatures. They eat anything and everything from poo to your food and then back to poo. The way they eat is to regurgitate onto the food to dissolve it. Then they suck up the goo. On their feet and body, they also carry bits of whatever they have landed on before - and that could include rotting flesh or feces. Both of these methods can contaminate food with enough organisms to make someone sick.

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you digest them

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