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What happens if you eat paper?

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When you eat paper and your taste goe all funny

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What happens if you eat newspaper?

Nothing happens its just paper

What happens if you eat toilet paper?

It's like eating paper- it's not good for you, but you won't die. if you eat toilet paper it will do nothing to you but do not eat toilet paper.

What happens if you eat an a4 piece of paper?

It will eventually cause digestive problems. Paper is not for eating.

What happens when you eat toilet paper?

U eat it then it does bad things to ur health and you die or choke

What happens when you eat paper?

You will have a few digestive problems and suffer from heartburn constantly.

What happens if a kitten has eaten toilet paper?

NOTHING if he/she eat too much (s)he might get sick

What happens if a dog eats paper towel?

Have her call your vet if your dog ate more than a half of sheet of paper towel and ask them. My dog loves to eat toilet paper and paper towel, any kind of paper will due.

Why do cockroaches eat paper?

they eat paper because they basicly eat anytning.but like the eat paper brcause they like it and they just are nasty bugs and they will eat almost anything.

What happens when the paper plane is long?

What happens is you epic FAIL at making paper planes.

What happens if you eat toliet paper?

1st you will start to feel ill. Then you will turn Purple then you will turn into a wrinkled old prune

What is the world record for most candy wrappers?

when u eat a candy rapper its normal its paper it happens the same way...

Can you eat deep fried paper plates?

People cannot eat paper.

Can fish eat paper?

no they cant eat paper

What happens when you swallow a piece of paper?

Well paper is made out of wood, termites eat wood. The chances if you swallowed paper if you tell is that if the person knows that paper uses wood, and termites eat wood, they may call you termite human (bullying). Rice Paper is no problem. Eating RICE? The risk of 2 or more grams of paper every day is a dangerous thing. CANCER of course impossible to digest

Do moths eat paper?

no moths dont eat paper because they live in the wild in the wild there is paper and there isnt. there is paper because paper is made out of trees and there is trees there

What happens when paper is cooled?

What happened when paper cooled

Does paper have calories?

No, and you also do not eat paper.

Is it harmful to eat litmus paper?

Nothing like that, but why to eat litmus paper.

What happens if you eat chocolate that has melted on silver paper?

Nothing will happen at first. It will just go out as waste. Eventually, however, it can lead to digestive problems because paper is not meant to be inside the body.

What happens to paper after it is recycled?

it gets made into paper again!

Do rats eat paper?

Rats will eat almost anything I have a pet rat she eats paper :)

What did silverfish eat before there was books ane paper?

What did silverfish eat before there was books and paper

Can you eat paper?

Yes you can but if you eat too much, you might get sick cause paper has alot germs.I used too eat paper all of the time when I was a little kid and never got sick but if you tell anyone that you eat paper at an older age like 9 and up then people with start to think your weird. Rice paper is edible, however it is not advisable to eat regular paper.

Why do people eat toilet paper?

People generally do not eat toilet paper. But if they do it is probably a strange addiction.

What Dogs eat paper?

I don't know which dogs eat paper but if they do DON'T LET THEM. It's bad for them.