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The estate of the deceased parent is responsible for the debt. The leinholder gets the car.

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What happens if someone dies intestate and has no relatives?

The entire estate goes to the state in which the deceased had resided.

Are parents responsbile for the medical bills of a deceased adult unmarried child?

The laws may vary from state to state but typically anyone over the age of 18 is responsible for their own bills and the parents are not. An unpaid medical bill is no different from any other unpaid bill. When the bills of your deceased adult child begin to show up, normally you can write "Deceased" on the envelope and mail it back to the company. Check with a lawyer in your state to be sure.

Will the probate court in IL give you access to your deceased parents financial info?

In the state of Illinois, if a person whose parents are deceased has been named executor of their estate, yes, all of their financial information will be given to the living executor upon request.

Can you contest your parents Will?

If you have standing, you can contest the will. Since you are a child of the deceased, you have standing. Consult a probate attorney in your state for specifics and what is required.

What happens if you are not willing to pay for your funeral?

If a funeral is not able to be paid for, the spouse or child of the deceased may be able to receive a one-time death benefit payment from Social Security if the deceased was on that. The deceased may also be buried by the state or cremated.

What happens to accounts when deceased person's family doesn't claim?

Any abandoned accounts will be eventually turned over to the state.

Can an 18 year old have custody of a minor in the state of Texas?

The court usually do not allow this unless it is a sibling and the parents are deceased or something.

If there is no will what happens?

Dying without a will is called "intestacy." The intestacy laws of your state will apply. These laws vary from state to state, but they generally decide who gets what, based on the heirs' relation to the testator (the deceased).

What happens if a parents leaves a home that is life leased?

What happens if a life estate is abandoned depends on state laws.

When a grandparent is applying for legal guardianship of children because parents are deceased can the children decide who they want to live with?

If a grandparent has applied for guardianship of minor grandchildren because parents are deceased, can the children state that they don't want to live with the grandparent even though that would be in the childrens best interest

Who is next of kin when both parents are dead and 1 of six children has died?

Generally if both parents are deceased and died intestate, their five children and the children of any deceased child would be the next-of-kin. You can check your state laws of intestacy at the related question link below.

What happens if a will isn't probated?

If a deceased's will is not presented to the court for probate, then the state will consider the deceased to have died "intestate' and the state will step in and make the decision on how to divide the estate among the heirs.

If parents own land your house is on what happens when they die?

As with nearly anything owned by the estate of a deceased person, the answer will depend upon whether there was a valid will, or upon the laws of intestacy where the property is located. For example, if there is no will, and no surviving parents, the children (or their heirs) might inherit all of the property in equal shares, if that is what the state laws of intestacy say.

Who will get the assets of a deceased parents if children are underage and there is no will and testament in state of Florida?

The state will open the estate. The assets will go into a trust for the use of the children. The state will appoint a trustee for the assets and a guardian for the children. They may be the same person.

What happens if you die without a will in Ohio?

A person who dies without a will is said to be intestate. Each state has specific laws about how property is divided when the deceased is intestate.

What rights do the children of deceased parents have when it comes to property if both parents die leaving a minor child and other adult children?

The children have the right to inherit the property as outlined in the will or in line with state intestacy laws.

What happens to bank accounts after a spouse dies?

Whose name was on the account? If it was a joint account, then the surviving owners of the account "inherit" the portion contributed by the deceased spouse. If only the name of the deceased was on the account, and it is not a community property state, then the entire account belongs to the estate and will be distributed according to probate rules of the state.

What is the area of Hidden Springs State Forest?

The area of Hidden Springs State Forest is 4,856,227.70688 square meters.

Who is your next of kin if you dont have adult children?

Your spouse is your next of kin if you are married. If you have no spouse and no children then your parents and siblings are your next of kin. Which is first depends on the law where you live.It depends on state law; however, generally the deceased person's spouse (through marriage) would be next-of-kin.If the deceased person is not married, it would generally be his/her parents.

My parents passed away without a will what happens to their estate?

It goes into Probate court and the State decides how it is disbursed.

If brother has no will when he passes what happens?

When a person dies without a will then his property passes according to the state laws of intestacy. Generally, if your brother had a surviving spouse and/or children they would be first in line to inherit. If none then parents would be next. If none then his property would be shared by his siblings and/or the children of any deceased siblings. You can check your state laws at the link below.

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