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What happens if you have an accident in your vehicle with no other cars involved and you leave the vehicle at the scene?


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Doing so is automobile abandonment. If left for several days, the local police will check for ownership via the license plates or VIN of the vehicle. Attempts will be made to contact the owner - If the owner cannot be reached, then the vehicle will be towed to an impounds lot. Parking is not free at the impound lots - sometimes as much as $8 per day in some regions. The owner will be required to pay the parking fees AND the towing charges before the car can be removed from the impound lot.

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If you are involved in the accident it is a crime to leave the scene, but if you are a witness or bystander there is no problem.

Yes. Like a hit and run? If you saw an accident happen and left it is highly unlikely, if not impossible, but if you were involved in anyway it is illegal to leave without first of all stopping your vehicle and communicating with the victim, usually exchanging insurance information and license plates.

The first course of action following an accident should be to contact the local authorities or police. Even if no other vehicle is involved there may be damage to anothers property as well as your own vehicle and a police report is helpful to have for claims that will be made against your insurance policy. In many states it is also illegal to leave the scene of an accident with any type of damage present whether it be property or vehicle damage even if your own vehicle, so contacting the police should always be your first course of action if your able to do so.

Many states consider this a felony if you leave a scene of an accident where someone was injured or killed and this could leave to jail time.

You can be charged with "Hit and Run" or "Leaving After COlliding" or whatever they call it in your state. It is the DRIVER the police want to see and interview, NOT the vehicle.

This simply means that if you were involved in any type of accident and leave before authorities arrive, you have left the scene of an accident with out making a statement.

Not 100% but I'm pretty sure you'd be looking at felony hit-and-run along with negligent homicide.

they can file charges or leave it alone, depending on how nice they are, would probably be alright. it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. the accident has to be reported if there is any significant damage to your vehicle.

Well it deppends did you get in an accident on the border line? If so then you would go to the nearest hospital close to what other location [country]...... <33333

Yes. A car or vehicle is a dangerous place to leave a child unattended. The risk of accident, not to mention neglect, is too great.

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime, charges that can be brought against the person depends upon the extent of damages, personal injuries, etc. In all cases the vehicle will be impounded, whether it will be forfeited depends upon the laws of the state in which the accident occurred. In most states it is a crime to leave the scene of an accident. Believe it or not, there are a couple where it is not considered a crime.

The person backing out I am asuming other person has finished reversing and is leaving if I understood correctly

In any state all parties involved in any accident are able to walk away, The driver is the only one mandatory to stay. Those who leave cannot claim any lawsuit or obtain any information.

Do not leave the scene. Call the police immediately!! After which you would contact your insurance company. Leaving the scene of an accident is a felony in most state in the US. It is known as "Hit and run", or "leaving the scene of an accident."

No, if you were negligent, and 'at fault' you still are, however, if they leave the scene doesn't sound like you will have to fix their vehicle, but you could still have a 'chargeable' accident on your policy.

your a lucky (or unlucky depending on the degree of injuries you sustained) son of a beech and you're probably a bad driver If you caused damage to property and get caught, you will get a ticket and have to pay for the damage. If no one saw you then you only have to deal with your conscience. If you try to make a claim on your car, your insurance agent will want to know where and how the damage was done. If you don't make a claim, you will probably get away with it.

all you need to do is go to the police department and ask for a copy you can also call them up and if you know the officers name that reported the accident then you can talk to them you might have to leave a message but they will get back to you quikly

If your involved you'll be charged with leaving the scene, if they was injuries it's far worse. Depending on the state and the severity of the accident you could get a warrant issued to you.

nothing legally, this is more a moral Q; if you think you have a statement that might clarify matters, the police will take it without repercussions.

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