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Well , If you kill a Fairy , many stange things will happen , maybe even leading up to death. If heard that they will make you disappear for ever or strange things to your body. Like for example , when you wake up at night and you get a BIG cramp in you legs? , this might be a fairy punishing you. Or when you wake up in the moring and there is BIG rats in your hair? that may be a fairy getting back at you for some thing.

terrible things and strange happenings!

You probably get in HUGE trouble with the other fairies...

Do not even think of doing such a thing For if you do the consequences would be............................................


Killing a fairy is just as bad as it is to kill another human being

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Q: What happens if you kill a fairy?
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What happens to a fairy when it no longer has wings?

The fairy loses it's magic.

What happens when your fairy dies in pixie hollow?

Your fairy disappears after a few months of in-activity. However nothing happens. Your account is still the same as before, you just have to create another fairy.

How do you kill fairy ring?

It can be very difficult to kill Fairy Ring Fungus in grass. It is recommend to keep the soil aerated to prevent it from compounding, which can make disease grow.

What happens if you give coffee to a faerie?

first, the fairy runs around in circles. it then has a brief moment of anger and wants to kill everyone, before jumping in the corner and turning to dust.

How would you save fairies if an evil fairy was gong to kill them?

Smash the bad fairy into lots of pieces,or you can just convince and ask the bad fairy why are you doing this.

What happens in the last episode of fairy tail at the end of this season?

happy ending for everyone in fairy tail and fairy tail fan

Is it legal to kill a fairy penguin?

It is currently illegal kill any type of bird with homosexual tendancies.

Where can you buy fairy dust?

well there are many different types of fairy dust you can get from different types of fairy such as the Himalayan and of course the Aborigine you can kill a fairy and then just take it but normally huge swarms of fairy would attack you and then well you would die. but you can get it from the black market in never land ONLY!!!

Does the tooth fairy kill?

No. The tooth fairy doesn't really exist. That we KNOW of... The tooth fairy has the potential to kill, as does anyone else. The tooth fairy has been doing her job for quite some time now. With the economy in it's current state, and an influx of immigrant workers who would love to take the tooth fairy's job, she has become somewhat aggressive in her duties. I would not try and trick the tooth fairy though... since she is having a rough time with how bad work is at the moment, if you tricked the tooth fairy, she just might kill you in your sleep by ripping out each and every tooth you have, all at once, and you would bleed to death. To answer your question, there is no proof of the tooth fairy killing anyone, but no proof she hasn't either.

What happens to villains in fairy tales?

They die mostly if you are talking about original Grimm fairy tales but if you are talking about the nicer fairy tales they get put in jail or something nice like that.

What happens if you saw a tooth fairy?

you would die.

What happens fairies sprinkle some fairy dust on human?

when they sprinkle fairy dust on us it means we will a good day

What happens when you get the bubonic plague?

your fairy wings begin to sprout

What happens if you kiss a frog?

In fairy tales, it becomes a prince.

When did faisal die?

faisal the animal fairy dies when i kill him <3

How can you kill fairy hair weeds?

Manual removal is the way to kill fairy hair weeds. The weeds in diminutive-scale, fairy gardening may not be controlled by inorganic controls or by organic schedules other than by careful pulling. It will be important to remove each weedy clump as it appears so as not to detract from the beauty or to disrupt the soil of sensitive, small landscapes.

Why do people kill fairy penguins?

i dont know why they do but thar just dumbies thenb

Can the tooth fairy kill?

Fairies are supposed to be harmless creatures & thus incapable.

What is the best way to kill a giant?

Based on fairy tales, cut his hair to remove his power.

Is Stella the youngest fairy in winx club?

Actually, Stella isn't the youngest fairy in Winx Club.Tecna happens to be it, I think.The oldest must be Bloom.

What happens if a fairy gets a hot stick of iron shoved down its throat?

They die...

Do fairies like lemons?

No, because research shows, if you go fairy hunting, and take lime/lemon and squeeze it over its house it may kill a fairy! :) The Lemon Blossom fairies do.

What happens at the end of cod if you don't kill Zachaev?

if you dont kill him he will kill you and game over

Where can you find fairy dust?

You have to find a fairy, and near were ever it is there will be some.This only happens if you believe in them.You can also try asking the tooth fairy again it only works if you believe.

How do you get your magic bar up in wind waker?

you need to kill the giant octopus south of the southern fairy island.