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So what is the problem exactly? You've already moved on for over a year now and how you could you hurt this person now? If you want to be nice you can let the person apply for a visa (2 or 3 years of marriage) but do you really want to do that and put yourself in jeopardy? You tried - Move on!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-21 16:38:26
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Q: What happens if you married an illegal alien but it didn't work out and you only lived together a few months and are now separated over a year and want to move on but don't want to hurt this person?
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If a married couple is separated should they live together or apart?

If a married couple is separated, then they should always live apart.

Can you see other people when separated?

It is not illegal. In most western countries it is not even against the law to commit adultery when you are married are not separated.

Is cohabitation illegal in Kentucky?

No, cohabitation is not illegal in Kentucky. Cohabitation is simply when 2 people live together as a married couple but they are not married.

What is the difference between separated and divorced?

separated means they are still married, but acting like the are divorced......(not living together, etc.) divorced means they are no longer married

Are you legally married after living with together after 2 years?

You legally married the day it happens

Can a illegal mother gets child support?

First, there is no such thing as an illegal mother. Any parent, male or female, single, married, divorced or separated, may receive child support.

What happens if you get divorce while waiting for your immagration papers?

my son is married to an illegal imigrant they been married for 2 yrs and are getting a divorce they have one child what happens to the child

What does it mean if not living together but still married and not legally separated?

You can't marry again, and it effects how you do your taxes

What happens when someone get married while still married to someone else?

In countries where polygamy is illegal, this person will be in federal/legal trouble.

Are you legally married if married to an illegal?

yes you are still married even if it is to an illegal

If married but have not been living together for 9 months and waiting on a divorce can you date other people?

if married but legally separated can you date other people

If you purchased marriage license and decide not to get married is it illegal?

There is nothing illegal about it. You just spent some money and didn't execute it, happens all the time.

Can you get engaged to someone in Louisiana while legally separated for 11 months?

Technically yes. It is illegal to be married to two people (that is bigamy). And the fact that you have been legally separated, although a distinct legal status, means that you are STILL MARRIED. You are able to get engaged (because you are technically single) but you should be aware that being separated is not being divorced.

Is alecia Beth Moore married?

Yes, she married Carey Hart in 2006, they separated for a short time but got back together after going to marriage counseling.

If you married an illegal immigrant and have been separated for 18 years are you considered legally divorced.?

You are still legally married. In fact, you are just separated. However, considering the length of the separation, if you wish to obtain a divorce, a judge will certainly grant it based on the duration of the separation. Good luck!

Are lesbians allowed to be together?

It really depends on your definition of "be together" In Some countries it is Legal for Lesbians to be in a relationship together but illegal for Lesbians to have sex. In Canada it is Perfectly legal for Lesbians to Live together, be Married, Have Kids, and have sex. However, in the USA while it is legal for Lesbians to live together, form "civil unions" and have sex, in many states it is illegal for us to get married.

You have been separated from your husband for 20 years and using a single women status for all legal paper Is it illegal?

yep. no divorce = still married.

If a woman is married then converts to Islam are they automatic separated?

Good question! Usually, conversion to Islam happens BEFORE marriage.

What happens if married but separated and pregnant by someone else you live in UK?

It is unclear what you mean. If you are pregnant then, if there are no complications, you will become a mother.

When married to an illegal that works for cash on filing taxes would you apply single married or married but separated?

Even though your wife has no taxable income, you are still required to file married on your taxes. A tax professional will be able to explain filing statuses more.

Your husband is an illegal immirgrant can and how do you get him to become legal?

my boyfriend an i is plannind to b married we have to a child together i am a barbadian an he is a guyanese but he is illegal here first question can we get married an here an how can i go bout getting him papers sort out

Are Hugh laurie and Jo green legally separated?

no. They've been married since 1989 and together ever since.

Is it illegal for a bother and sister to get married?

Yes, it is illegal for a brother and sister to get married.

Legally separated can you get married?


If an illegal alien gets married to a US citizen for a year and a half and been separated for another year or two and finally divorces does the illegal alien still have the chance to be a citizen?

The chance, yes. However, they are not likely to be granted it unless they were already in the process of getting residency while married.