What happens if you marry a person with bad credit?

When you marry, you become ONE, therefore what's his/hers is yours and what's yours is his/hers. That includes a bad credit report. On the brighter side, bad credit can be corrected (usually within 7 years your record is wiped clean if you maintain accounts). Good luck.

The first answer is incorrect. Each person with a Social Security number can establish credit in his or her name. State law governs whether one spouse can be held accountable for debts the other spouse incurred while married. (Community property / community debt states. Debts before the marriage are not factored in. Your bad credit doesn't affect your spouse at all--unless you co-sign on loans or co-apply.

Kyla is correct - your credit can NOT be affected by a spouse's credit unless you have co-signed a loan, open a joint account, file for a joint bankruptcy, or a tax lien is placed on a joint tax return.