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What happens if you put too much transmission fluid in your car?

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it foams..can damage...don't...drain and fill to correct level

2006-07-08 15:07:20
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What happens when there is no transmission fluid?

The car will not move when you put it in gear.

What if you mix trans fluid and power steering fluid in the transmissio 93 Plymouth sundance?

If any fluid except for the correct transmission fluid is put into the transmission of a car, it will eventually fail. If this happens, a person must flush the transmission of the car.

What is the transmission fluid capacity for a 98 bravada?

When changing the transmission fluid and filter of a car, it is best to know how much transmission fluid goes back into the car. The 1998 Bravada takes close to 12 quarts of transmission fluid to fill.

Will to much transmission fluid cause a car to overheat?


What happens when you drain out the transmission fluid in a car and drive it?

what can happen to the transmission? Also is it possible to put fluid back in to save the transmission? You won't get far and you will probably do some damage to the transmission in the process.

How much transmission fluid does 1999 Pontiac grand am hold?

When changing fluids in a car, it is important to know the fluid capacity of the car. A 1999 Pontiac Grand AM holds about 5 quarts of transmission fluid.

Adding transmission fluid to 1967 mustang?

Maintaining transmission fluid in a car is important to keeping a car running smoothly. A person adds transmission fluid in the same tube of the dipstick, where they check the transmission fluid.

In a 2000 Honda Civic Ex what happens if you do not put transmission fluid in the car for along time and how do you know if you have transmission problems?

I'm no mechanic, but you should get trans. fluid in it right away. without transmission fluid, the car could have a hard time changing gears from the wear from not being lubricated.

What fluid is pink in your car?

Transmission fluid is pink.

What is transmission fluid and how do I give it to my car or should I go to a auto company for it?

A transmission fluid is a fluid that you car runs on and it is absolutely necessary for your car. If there is a problem, you need to have it dealt with immediately.

What is the transmission fluid capacity of a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire 4 spd automatic?

When changing the transmission fluid of any car, it is important to know how much fluid to put in. A 2001 Pontiac Sunfire takes 2.5-3 quarts of transmission fluid.

How much automatic transmission fluid do you put in when changing it?

Depends on how many Cylinders on the car?

How much transmission fluid does a car have?

It really depends. Check your manual or call your dealer.

How much transmission fluid is recommended for 99 Honda Accord?

When changing the transmission fluid of a car, it is important to know its capacity. A 1999 Honda Accord with hold 4 liters of ATF fluid.

Why does it cost so much to change transmission fluid on 2005 Toyota Corolla?

Transmission fluid changes cost so much because of the location of where the fluid will be changed. Also because, like many cars this car may require a special type of transmission fluid based on its age and mileage.

Why does my car sound like it's whining when i accelerate?

The reason your car is whining is because your car is low on tramission fluid. but i have checked my transmission fluid..? do i need to flush it out and get new transmission fluid?

Why would excessive transmission fluid be coming out of the overflow tube?

It is important to keep fluids from leaking from a car. Excessive transmission fluid would be coming out of the overflow because there is too much fluid in the transmission, or because the seal has become worn.

How much transmission fluid is needed for a 99 Buick park ave?

It is important to know how much fluid a car needs to run smoothly. A 1999 Buick Park Ave will need between five and seven quarts of transmission fluid.

What happens if you dont put transmission fluid in your car 4 along time and how do you know if something is wrong with transmission?

not sure about how you tell if something is wrong, but i can tell you without fluid in your transmission for any period of time can very possibly destroy it.

What type of auto transmission fluid does a Mercedes c220 use?

It is important to use the right type of fluids in a car. This car can use ATF 4 transmission fluid in its transmission.

When transmission fluid is low how far can you drive without problems?

Transmission fluid is a very important fluid while maintaining a car. Transmission fluid can be low, and a car can drive a decent length without any problems. However, the distance is dependent on the shape and condition of the rest of the car.

Transmission fluid shows full when cold but low when hot?

Transmission fluid will show full when it is cold, but low when it is hot if it is low on fluid. Transmission fluid has to be checked when the car is warm.

What is the freezing point of transmission fluid?

It has to be extremely cold outside in order for your transmission fluid in your car to freeze. The freezing point of transmission fluid is -65.2 degrees F.

Transmission fluid leaking after rock hit bottom of car?

Transmission fluid leaked out of car very fast. After hitting large rock. Could it be the transmission pan is broke? That is a possibility

If the transmission fluid reads empty before driving your car and full after should you add fluid?

you need to check your transmission fluid while your car or truck is running to get accurate results