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The other person can sue you because you are At Fault for the accident.

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You're an a-hole. GET SOME INSURANCE!

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

Your insurance companies sort it out. If you don't have insurance, the civil court judge will sort it out when you are sued, or sue the other person.

If you rear end someone in Illinois and your auto insurance has been canceled for non payment, it is likely that you will get sued. The person you hit can take you to court for compensation which will come out of your own pocket.

Yes, the person driving the car that rear ends the person in front of them is at fault. If this happens, make sure to swap insurance information so the damage will be covered.

Your policy may have coverages that will cover your losses, call your claims department to verify.

If you file a claim with your insurance company for your own damage (if you have collision insurance) yes...probably.

If the accident was not your fault (someone rear-ended you, for example), then you would claim on their insurance, and they would pay out.

AnswerNo brainer. The person who hit you is at fault. Doesn't matter if you have a license or not. Not having a license doesn't give the other driver a free shot at rear ending you.AnswerIn most states, insurance companies require a police report of an accident. To have a police report, the police have to go to the accident scene in order to write one. Most rear end accidents are the fault of the person who hit the rear of a car. However, if you did not report the accident to the police because you have no license, you may be out of luck with the insurance company.

You both are in trouble. You mentioned that you were rear ended. The other person should have been ticketed for being at fault in the accident . You should have been ticketed for failure to have insurance. The DANCE has just begun. Hopefully no one was hurt. This may lighten your load.

Whoever did the rear ending usually

If you have collision coverage, file a claim with your insurance company. They will pay for your damages, minus your deductible, and then pursue the other vehicle's owner to get your money back (Also check your policy to see if you have Uninsured Motorist Property Damage). If you don't have either coverage, you would have to pursue the other vehicle's owner legally.

It can up your insurance if you are in the fault. If not it shouldn't cause your insurance to go up.

Yes, you are still at fault. It doesn't matter whether or not they had insurance, you still hit their vehicle and are therefore still responsible for their damages.

People sue today for anything and everything. The question is could he win a lawsuit from someone he hit in the rear. In 2005 I would say anything is possible.

If the person driving the vehicle was doing so with the owners permission, IN MOST PLACES, the owner and the owners insurance company are financially responsible and you should be able to sue and get compensation.

One can file an insurance claim for a rear end collision by going to one's insurance carrier's collision center, and filling out the necessary paperwork as they take a look at your vehicle.

Yes, you will still get a fine because you did not have insurance at the time of the accident,no matter what the amount of the damage is.And ofcorse there's court cost.

If it was your fault it's your responsibility to pay. If you haven't got insurance it'll be out of your own pocket.Added; Based on the fact that 99 9/10% of rear end collisions are the fault of the following vehicle - - the other party's insurance company will pay to repair her vehicle but will NOT pay to repair yours, and they may take YOU to court to recover their out of pocket costs.

You could be charged with "undue care and attention" and obviously you weren't 2 car lengths behind this other car (read your driving manual.) You rear-ended the other car, so you are responsible. The young driver of the other car will obviously face charges for driving without a license at the very least, and if this goes to court his mother's insurance may have to pay for your damages on your car. This is one for the courts.

No your vehicle is not covered. That is why it is always recommended that you carry comp and collision and uninsured motorist.

You can expect to be found liable for any damages you caused. Whether the person you hit did or did not have coverage has no bearing on your fault or liability for the damages.

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