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The law in Florida has been amended such that you only have to sign a ticket if it (1) is a "criminal" traffic citation or (2) it requires a "mandatory hearing" in court.

Section 318.14(2) of the Florida Statutes provides:

(2) Except as provided in ss. 316.1001(2) and 316.0083, any person cited for a violation requiring a mandatory hearinglisted in s. 318.19 or any other criminal traffic violation listed in chapter 316 must sign and accept a citation indicating a promise to appear.

A citation for a bad tail light, a civil traffic offense, does not require a signature. There is a case currently pending in Orlando Florida that is addressing this specific issue where an officer lied to a motorist that he had to have her "sign" the tail light ticket.

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Not much happens. The officer will note that the driver refused to sign the ticket. It will not prevent the ticket from being valid and the fine having to be resolved.

Enjoy jail time until Judge grants bail.

It is not necessary that you sign, the ticket is still valid

If you fail at a stop sign how much is the traffic ticket in long beach, ca?

Go to court anyways and have the judge sign off on it just in case and you wont get in trouble if the officer didnt sign it, cuz it would be the officers fault.

This happened to me. You will be handcuffed, arrested and booked. It is a misdemeanor. Just sign the ticket!

In most states you can refuse to sign the citation. By singing the ticket you only acknowledge receipt of the violation, it is not a plea of guilt. Nor is it a not guilty plea if one does not endorse the ticket.

Yes it is. It is not absolutely necessary that you sign the ticket.

You could be arrested and taken into custody. Signing the ticket is not admitting guilt. It is only promising to appear at your court date to answer the charges.

There is none. Running a stop sign is a volatiion of traffic regulations not of statutory law. They always exist and will appear on your traffic record. If you have a traffic ticket just go ahead and pay it.

Normally a signature on the ticket admits only that you were given a copy and that you agree to appear on the charge. In some states, refusing to sign a ticket is a separate charge and since you are not agreeing to appear on the charge, you may be arrested and held for appearance in front of a judge.

If they refuse to sign the application for a claim, they will not be paid the proceeds of the policy.

If a police officer doesn't have a person to sign their ticket, the ticket is still valid in any state. It is only a myth that the ticket will be thrown out of court.

If you refused to sign a traffic ticket then you could be dentained and could be facing a night or two days in jail. By signing it it doesnt means that you broke the law. It only means that you are going to show up for court. In a few states some officers sign RTS (refused to sign). I hope this answered you question.

Yes, traffic signs with graffiti can still get you a ticket because everyone should know the shapes and colors of a sign as well as what is written on them. If you are caught painting on a sign, you will be fined as well.

Two things: 1. In some states you can be arrested or 2. The officer just writes "Refused to sign" on the ticket and hands it to you anyway.

In some states if you refuse to sign they will arrest you. If other states if you do not sign it makes no difference. Signing the citation is just signifying you got it, and is not an admission of guilt. Sign the citation and then argue the case in traffic court.

It cost me $100! On a very minor road with no traffic. Beware.

Yes you are still liable. It is not absolutely required that you sign the ticket. All that means is that you agree to appear for court. In many states they never get you to sing while in others they will take you to jail if you do not. Since you were booked the issue is moot anyway.

The fine for running a stop sign is usually around $35.00 or so. However, it will vary depending on the city in which you received the traffic ticket.

There is no requirement to sign a ticket. It does not make the ticket invalid.

In some place you will go to jail, it others it does not matter. If the officer asks you to sign, sign. You are not admitting to anything.

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