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What happens if you snort Adderall?


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Death or Psychosis it's not worth it

Adderall is a combination of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine that is used to help treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy. It is generally taken orally and stimulates the central nervous system and speeds up the messages going between the brain and the body.

When you snort the medication instead of swallowing it, the strength and potential for problems increases. This is because the drug passes directly into the blood and body tissues instead of first being metabolised.

When coming down you may experience a number of problems such as exhaustion, tension, radical mood swings, depression and even uncontrolled violence.

Long-term effects of repeatedly using of amphetamines can include:

  • High blood pressure and a rapid and irregular heartbeat
  • Chronic sleeping problems
  • Malnutrition if your appetite is reduced and you aren't eating properly
  • Anxiety, tension and sudden outbursts of violence
  • Amphetamine psychosis, where you may be paranoid or suffer from delusions, hallucinations and bizarre behaviour (usually symptoms disappear a few days after you stop taking the amphetamines)
  • There is also some evidence that the brain cells can be damaged.

Snorting Adderall can also damage nasal tissues and deteriorate nasal cartilage.

You also need to know that like amphetamines, snorting Adderall can lead to tolerance and addiction. This means that you are more likely to start to need using more and more of it, and your body may begin to rely on it to function. So you may have withdrawal effects if you stop taking it suddenly after continuous use.


Look up SODAS, that is the delivery system for most xr, cr, or la drugs. the outer layer is the drug, then an inactive ingredient, then a tiny plastic pellet which has holes in it and is full of the 2nd dose of the drug. Snorting anything can lead to pulmonary embolisms, but these especially. the plastic parts end up in your lungs and will cause bronchitis, pneumonia, and other infections. I have a Rx for Xanax and also Focalin XR which is the strongest of the amphetamines used to treat ADHD. I got creative one day and snorted the xanax, nothing special except clogged sinuses. After trying to snort the Focalin XR I had chest congestion, and excessive phlem for a long time. ALWAYS TAKE MEDS THE WAY IN WHICH THEY ARE PRESCRIBED.


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Sure, if you want to trigger anxiety attacks, overstimulate your body, and heck, let's just throw in a heart attack for kicks. No one should ever snort adderall, whether or not they have ADHD. That being said, usually the snorters don't have it, and are thus even more at risk for dangerous side effects of adderall in pill form, and can die from snorting it. Maybe not the first time (depends on your body) but you are seriously damaging it and can kill yourself surprisingly quickly.

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well with my experience you die! DONT DO IT ciao

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