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One sip would taste awful and you would likely cough it up before it could severely damage you, but acetone (the main ingredient in nail polish remover) is a strong solvent and might dissolve tissues in your throat or stomach. If you actually ingested an entire bottle of nail polish remover, you would have to go to the emergency room, but you probably would not die. It would be very painful, and in at least one case, a person developed Diabetes-like symptoms such as being very thirsty and having to urinate frequently. Acetone has also been shown to depress the central nervous system.

Acetone can also be used as a industrial strength cleaner. A rag soaked with acetone can wipe off Sharpie. Also, if acetone is left on a piece of Plexiglas for a few minutes, it will pit the smooth surface, making it cloudy.

The bottom line is: don't drink anything that is poisonous (Every toxic liquid you can buy in the supermarket has a label on it somewhere) and if you're not completely sure, don't drink it. If a child accidentally ingests alcohol, call poison control immediately.

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Q: What happens if you swallow nail polish remover?
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What happens if you swallow 2 bottles of nail polish remover?

You either turn into a fairy ... or die.

What happens if you swallow a tiny bit of nail polish remover?

You might die. I suggest contacting poison control immediately.

Is acetone in nail polish remover?

I think there is a choice of non-acetone and acetone nail polish remover So yes it can BE in nail polish remover but not in all of them .

How do you get nail polish off towels?

Use nail polish remover and bleach mixed nail polish remover.

What is nail polish remover?

Nail polish remover is a dilute solution of acetone, an organic solvent that dissolves nail polish.

How do you take off of nail polish?

You use nail polish-remover that you can buy almost anywhere. You buy nail polish remover and cotton balls add the nail polish remover to 1 of the cotton balls and wipe off the nail polish

What happens if you spill nail polish remover on your carpet?

If your carpet is non-synthetic - wool, for example - it won't be affected by nail polish remover. If your carpet is synthetic, nail polish remover will likely dissolve the fibers where it comes into contact with the nap. This is not a "spot" that can be removed. Rather, it is permanent damage.

What is nailpolish remover?

nail polish remover is what you use to get nail polish off your fingernails. :)

Why does nail polish remover remove sharpie?

A Sharpie and nail polish remover have the same chemicals in them. Nail polish remover has the chemicals to remove that so it adapts also to Sharpies.

How do you get nail polish out of a dress?

nail polish remover

How is nail polish remover used?

you dip the nail polish remover on a tissue and then rub it on your fingers

Can you die from drinking nail polish remover?

yes nail polish remover is very dangerous

What is the pH of nail polish remover?

pH level of nail polish remover is the same as ammonia; 11-12

Is nail polish remover the same as rubbing achohal?

No because nail polish remover is for taking out nail polish and rubbing achohal is for taking out bacteria.

What to use when you dont have nail polsih remover?

The main ingredient in nail polish remover that dissolves the nail polish is acetone. do you have that? : )

How does nail polish remover affect plants?

Nail polish remover is strong alcohol and chemicals mixed together. The nail polish remover can kill the plant just like something like bleach would.

What happens if you mix nail polish with nail polish remover?

It thins it makes it thicker.

Do Iron in nail polish remover melts?

Yes!iron melts when added to the nail polish remover.

How do you remove nail polish from tile?

nail polish remover

How do you remove nail polish from your phone?

Nail polish remover.

How do you get nail polish off a computer?

nail polish remover.

How do you get nail polish off of skin?

Nail polish remover

How do you clean nail polish without using remover?

use a nail file, but the best way is using nail polish remover

What happens if you get nail polish in cut?

Nothing happens. It will burn a little. Try to remove it with nail polish remover, and then put Peroxide or sth that will sanitize the cut, that's all!

What happens if you mix acetone and ethyl acetate?

It forms nail polish remover.