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What happens if you take Concerta and don't have ADHD?

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It might not be completely right...Most people say you cannot speed off of concerta, but it all depends on how many you take. If you take a normal dosage for someone your age with ADHD, it will probably do close to nothing, except for probably insomnia.
On the other hand, if you take double, triple, or four times the amount, then yes, it will make you speed.
In fact, if you take to much of any pill it will have some affect. Even if you take A LOT of ibuprofen's you can hollucinate.

Experimenting with drugs is however very dangerous.
This may kill off your liver and kidneys even if you do not die right away.

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How do you abuse Concerta?

Take it when you don't have ADD or ADHD.

Can you take Celexa with Concerta?

yes..i was prescribed and am taking celexa, welbutrin, and concerta all together celexa and welbutrin for depression concerta for adhd...

What happens if you take intuniv and dont have ADHD?

It's used to treat other things besides ADHD, as well.

Can Concerta mess up you period?

concerta is not related to your period. i am only 14 y/o and take concerta every day for adhd and my periods are normal

What is the most addictive ADHD medication?

Mfor my ADD I take Concerta. It also works for OCD to.

Can Concerta make you hyper?

Yes, Concerta is time-released methylphenidate. Methylphenidate is a psychostimulant and will cause hyperactivity in high doses; if you take Concerta for ADHD consult your doctor about your dose, as it may be to high.

What kind of medication do you have to take with ADHD?

The medication varies for most people. I take strattera, fish oil, and concerta. The amounts will also vary depending on age, weight, and other factors. Some people may also take melatonin, but that is only to help you sleep at night, and is not restricted to people with ADHD. I am uncertain of strattera and concerta are Class A drugs or not, but you can only take this medicine if prescribed by a doctor.

What happens if I don't take my Concerta regularly?

You can stop taking concerta at any time and return to it at any time, no problem, Its recommended to stop concerta for a weak or so every 6 Mont's so that you can fell the full effect again, but you can take it or not as you want but we people w add or adhd want to take it so we can leave a more normal live, If you forget to take it or don't want to, nothing will happen only that you will feel a stronger effect when you get back to it if you stop for a weak or more.

Can you take antihistamines with ADHD drugs?

Yes, most antihistamines are safe to take with stimulant-based ADHD drugs (Adderall, Concerta, Dexedrine). However, make sure the preparation doesn't contain pseudoephedrine which could raise blood pressure to a dangerous level combined with a stimulant taken for ADHD.

What can help ADD people sleep?

Lower your dose of medication. If that doesnt work, you probly dont have really bad adhd. Having horrible and newly discovered adult adhd, I have been on concerta, adderall and vyvnase. I started at 18mg concerta and wasnt satisfied with my focus until I got bumped up to 70mg Vyvanse. I take 70mg everyday and i am able to take naps throughout the day, and go to bed normally. Through my experience, being a college student, i have seen people (who are not prescribed) take 30mg aderall to study and not be able to sleep for 2-3 days. If this is the case for you, you dont need it. If you have bad adhd you could take a 30mg Aderall or a 70mg Vyvanse at 7am and be yawning by 12pm. Even the first time i ever took aderall, i was able to sleep normally, which is how i actually discovered i had adhd. Adhd meds can help anyone focus, but theyre meant to help the people who cant focus without them

What is a safe cough medicine for a 6yr old to take while on Concerta 18mg?

My son has ADHD and he uses Delsym with no adverse affects. It does not interrupt his sleep either.

What available ADHD treatments are there?

One can take Concerta or Ridalin. The ADHD symptoms are that one will feel very run down and tired. Additionally, one can feel a lot of pain, that generally starts in the head area and have trouble breathing.

What happens if you take adderall and dont have ADHD?

I wouldnt do it. You dont know how many milligrams or how strong it is it could make you sleepy and u could fall asleep and vomit in ur sleep and inhale it into ur lungs and die

What happens if you take 54 mg Concerta and you don't have ADHD?

You may find you have a good mood and good energy or you may feel too "hyped up" and have tense muscles. Concerta is active in your body for 8 to 12 hours, so it's not a good choice of recreation drug - if you have unpleasant side effects (headache, over-stimulation), they will not be easing up very fast.

Can you take Concerta and Dayquil or NyQuil together?

What over the counter cold medications can you take with Concerta?

Is 54 mgs of Concerta mean that you have severe adhd since most people i know with adhd only take 20 or 30 mgs o their adhd medication?

My son was on concerta he was taking 38mg it worked for him but he has ADD. The more they take is a very bad thing. I would take sugar out of there diet and red #40 food coloring out and go to health food store and get Attention and give it to them 3 times a day over the summer and see how they do. Doctors just want to drug them and you lose your kids. If you need me I"m here for any one I have done my homework!

Can you take mucinex DM Concerta and lamictal at the same time?

It should be safe. Mood stabilizers, such as Lamictal, are prescribed occasionally for those that have mood swings when taking a stimulant ADHD medication.

What happens if you take 4 Concerta 36 mg pills and don't have adhd?

Taking any amount of a level 2 narcotic without prescription is very dangerous. One 36 mg dose of this medicine is normally used for young boys an adults. It is advised to seek medical help if you are not prescribed Concerta by an actual doctor and have taken it.If you are prescribed Concerta and accidentally or on purpose take more than one dosage please call 911 or seek the emergency room for immediate help. I advise any and all people of any age to not take medications not prescribed to you.

How long does Concerta stay in your system for a drug test?

if you take concerta and stop and have to take a drug test two days later, will concerta show up at all.

Can your child take st johns wart while taking Concerta?

St. John's wort not only can cause a sunlight sensitivity but should also not be used in children under the age of 12. Additionally it's contraindicated in conjugation with concerta. It can actually worsen ADHD if taken with concerta. Other side effects are still unknown and it is suggested to avoid consuming both.

Can you take NyQuil with Concerta?


Can you take Advil with Concerta?

Yes, you can. Concerta - or 'methylphenidate' - does not interact with Advil in a negative way.

What happens if you take amoxicillin and you don't need it?

what happens if i take amoxicillin and dont need it

Can you take paracetamol while on Concerta?

can you take paracetamol and concerta together

Can you take Effexor and Concerta together?

Yes! i'm doing it right now(: concerta has been great for me.