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Usually nothing. With antibiotics, the expiration date relates to their potency. Old antibiotics simply don't work very well, but it's unlikely they'd make you sick.

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Q: What happens if you take old antibiotics?
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What happens to viruses when you take antibiotics?

Viruses are Not killed with antibiotics need antivirus antibiotics

Is it okay for a ten year old to take antibiotics?

Yes, when I was 9 years old, I had an infection in my throat, and I had to take antibiotics, ( recommended by the docter ), and it was okay.

What happens if you take a double dose of antibiotics by mistake if you misread the instructions?

i have taken a double dose of antibiotics by mistake is this safe?

Can a 6 year old take a antibiotics and Motrin?


What happens if you take all your antibiotics at once?

Lots of diahrrea and contributing to a strain of superbacteria!

If you have two slides left with the topic of antibiotics what should they be?

What happens when we take them without needing them - eg for a cold or flu which are caused by viruses. What happens when there are no powerful antibiotics left to fight the super strains of bacteria.

Can you take antibiotics with champix?

can you take champix and antibiotics together

Can you take Allegra with antibiotics?

can you take allegra d with antibiotics

What happens when you drink beer while taking antibiotics?

what happens when u drink beer while taking antibiotics

Can you take antibiotics with Aleve or mucinex?

Can I take antibiotics with aleve and mucinex

What antibiotics can dogs take that humans take?

Penicillin-based antibiotics.

What kind of antibiotics should a ten year old take?

Nothing not prescribed by a doctor!

Can you take antibiotics that are over a year old?

If it is past its expiration date, it won't be effective. So don't take it.

Can you take oral antibiotics by rectum?

You can not take your oral antibiotics via the rectum.

Can you take garlic with oral antibiotics?

you can only take garlic with anal antibiotics

What happens to bacteria over time when exposed to antibiotics frequently?

They develop resistance to antibiotics .

Are there any antibiotics used in pesticides?

what happens when pesticides and antibiotics are used and how does it related to evolution

Is it safe to take Viagra while on antibiotics?

Viagra while on antibiotics is it safe to take

Can you take antiviral and antibiotics at the same time?

Can you take antiviral and antibiotics at same time

When do you not take antibiotics?

You should not take antibiotics unless under the advice and prescription of a doctor.

Can you take antibiotics while on a testosterone booster?

can you take antibiotics while on a testosterone booter

Why should you take your antibiotics?

If you dont take all of your antibiotics the bacteria will continue to grow and its DNA will change so it will become resistent to the antibiotics

Can you take imodium with antibiotics?

You can take Immodium (loperamide) for a short time while on antibiotics.. but it shouldn't be used to reduce antibiotics-induced diarrhea.

Can you take aleve after uti antibiotics?

Yes, I have done it, but I suggest regular old aspirin would be better.

Can you take the same antibiotics for STD and uti?

The antibiotics that treat one are usually not effective for the other.No, you can't take the same antibiotics for STD and UTI

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