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What happens if you used a condom and the guy came twice while the condom was on?


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The purpose of a condom is to avoid during coitus, the transmittal of the male's seminal fluid into the female vagina, thus allowing coupling but preventing pregnancy.

One concern is that in order to avoid such transmittal, the condom must remain taunt around the male's penis. If after one ejaculation, the penis becomes less rigid, "leakage" may occur onto the condom and then if copulation continues the "leaked" seminal fluid may be transferred to the vagina.

It might be advisable to change condoms after each ejaculation.


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Depends if the condom had a rip. If it did, then you're most likely pregnant.

No so long as none of his semen came out of the condom into the Vagina.

Condoms are not 100% effective, they can break or leak during use. So it is possible to get pregnant while using condoms, though considerably less likely.

Yes, very possible. Especially if the condom is a regular condom without any spermicides.

No. He died at age 26. While he was married twice, no children came of them.

1987 by Dick Condom and he came up with the SLIDESHOW when he was showing his condom company slides.

you mean it got broken while inside a woman? you bet you can, use quality condoms and a proper size

If the man's penis slipped out of the condom (must be an extra large condom) and he came inside you then it's quite possible.

Yes, there is a risk of that. All contraception methods are less than foolproof. Breakage and slipping off are two of the problems that make condoms less than 100 percent effective. If ejaculation occurred while the condom was still on, it's likely that most, if not all, the semen was captured by the rubber. If you didn't realize the condom came off before ejaculating, well, that's another story. In the future, grasp the condom near its opening before withdrawing.

If by near you mean inside the lips then yes its possible. If you mean outside the lips than most likely not.

Then if ur sure it didnt leak, ur ok

never use same condom more than once Answer You should see a doctor if signs of pregnancy show up as it could be your're unlucky day that this guy could make your pregnant with just one ejackulation. It could happen so as suggested above, NEVER use the same condom more than once.

Where a condom, dummy. Another reply: You usually feel it.

You have no way of knowing if there was any precum or not, neither does he. The fact that the condom came off is a good clue to that he did release some fluid. And yes, when the condom came off it turned into unprotected sex, which leaves you open for a chance of pregnancy.

I guess what you are saying is a girl lost a condom inside of her. Well use fingers to pull it out, no bid deal.

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

If a man properly pulls out and away before ejaculating sperm-filled semen, the chances of pregnancy are low even without a condom. If he pulled out his condom-covered penis before ejaculation, chances of pregnancy are nearly zero. And since the hole was both tiny and half-way up the condom, the chances of pregnancy are still nearly zero since he did not ejaculate while inside the vaginal canal.

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