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This would be paid from the comprehensive coverage on your policy. If you do not have this coverage, you will not get paid. Additionally, you should have called the local police and gotten a copy of the report. Comprehensive coverage has nothing to do with this type of dammage. If you had collision coverage at the time of the damage then call your claims department and file a claim. Your collision deductible would apply. If you didn't have collision coverage but did have uninsured motorist property damage then that may apply. if you didn't have either then you have a damaged car.

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Q: What happens if your car was involved in a hit and run while parked and unoccupied?
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What happens if i rent a car without insurance and it gets damaged while it's parked?

You are responsible for the damages..that is why they ask do you want to purchase their insurance or if your car insurance will cover the rental...And once you sign the papers you have agreed to the terms and conditions..

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