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If the stool is watery that means there is diarrhea.

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Q: What happens if your poop isn't dirareea but its watery?
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What is yellow watery poop?


When the chicken poop is watery?

bescause they had a baby

What is juicy poop?

Smelly watery poop that slips out when you poop. It can knock out and kill people if they smell it to much.

Can watery poop be a sign of pregnancy?

No, it is a digestive issue.

Why does Your son have watery poop?

your son has watery poop because he is getting really fat and he needs to go on a ten day diet, and that meens that he can not eat or drink anything, and that is including water.

What does it mean if your poop is brown watery and slime in it?

it means you have produced diarrhea

Non solid food diet? that's a big no. you see, i like to have full poop...and not watery poop

Why is your poop watery and red?

because some people in life have problems with their asses.

Why is bird poop watery?

Cause they drink a lot of water...and not a lot of red meat.

Why would you have watery poop?

Your diet is to blame. You need to get more roughage, which is dietary fibre.

What does mouse poop look like?

It is mustard yellow and can be from tiny pebbles to more watery ones.

What happens if your poop is not brown?

Nothing happens.

What happens if your poop sinks?

It..... "sinks."

Why does diarrhea turn your poop into watery poop?

basically the food is moving too fast through your intestines, so that the body hasn't got the time to collect enough moisture from it.

What happens when food leaves the stomach?

you poop!!

What happens if there is blood in your poop?

anal seepage

What happens if you get poop in your mouth?

Spit it out dude!!!

What happens if a dog eats superglue?


Why is there blood when you poop?

when you eat popcorn it happens

What happens in a occluded front?

it rains poop ;)

What happens if you hold your poop?

you can get cancer and die

What happens if you eat fly poop?

you die

What happens if you sterilize poop?

It becomes sterile...

What happens if you bleed a lot when you go poop?

you have hemeroids

What happens if your dog eats crayons?

the dog poop it out.