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Then you are pregnant. Birth Control pills will not have major side effects on the fetus, but it is best to stop taking them as soon as you know you are pregnant.

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Q: What happens if your pregnant and you take BC?
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What happens if you take your pill whilst pregnant?

Nothing happens.

Can your get pregnant while on birth control and without penetration?

If you take your birth control correctly you should not get pregnant. Only if you take a ton of sperm and rub in you could you get possibly pregnant, but not while on bc.

What happens if you take 4 500mg Tylenol?

You get pregnant and die.

What happens if you take Tylenol and Sudafed Severe Cold together?

You get pregnant.

What happens if you take a pregnancy test on your period?

It will be negative because you are not pregnant.

What happens if you take emergency contraceptive while pregnant?

Nothing happens, the MAP will nolt harm the fetus.

How many average months does it take to get pregnant?

On average, it takes roughly a year to get pregnant, but for some people it happens the first time, and for others it happens later than that

What happens if you have a period for only 2 days?

You could be pregnant. Take a test

What happens If you take a pregnancy test before your period?

it will just tell you if you are pregnant or not

If you take bc for three days then stop will you get pregnant?

Yes it is extremly possible. But sometimes the birth control will have alterd your cycle.

Can you be pregnant less than 1 week?

If you are pregnant, then you are pregnant. It happens or it doesn't, but you won't know for 3 weeks until your next cycle when you can take a test.

Can you get pregnant if your on BC and used a condom?

yes,but that's only if your bc is not strong enough for your body,and if the condom pops,but other than that no you can't get pregnant.

What does it mean if your breasts are very sore after your period?

i dont know....are you pregnant maybe? No bc if she waz pregnant she would not have had her period bc if she waz pregnant they would b no reason to get rid of the egg.

What happens if you are not pregnant and you take the RU 486 pill?

Nothing. It's the pill after that, Misoprostol, that will cause cramps. But the doctor will not prescribe it to you if you are not pregnant.

Do people who arent pregnant and that want to be have the same symptoms a pregnant woman does?

No,Unless you had a historical pregnancy(Where you think you pregnant but not;Usually happens when you're desperate for a baby)But if you think you're pregnant take a test.

What happens if you haven't came on your period in 7 days?

you may be pregnant - take a pregnancy test

What happens when pregnant with belly ring?

Eventually you are going to want to take it out. When your belly grows it will stretch and hurt. You can take it out for a few months.

What happens if you take two pregnant tests and both of them say you pregnant but your period came on?

some women still have their periods during pregnancy. if the test say you are, you are

What happens if you are not pregnant but take cytotec?

Orally probably nothing and vaginally you will most likely cramp and bleed.

What happens if you take one bite of spoiled food?

Same thing as when having sex... You get pregnant and die.

What happens if you take birth control while pregnant?

The baby could have birth defects or even die..

Can you take flucloxacillin when pregnant?

No you cannot take flucloxacillin when pregnant. the leaflet says, 'do not take if you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant' therefore i wouldn't take it.

You took birth control for 2 weeks then stop can you get pregnant?

If you had sex after stopping use of BC you could be pregnant.

What happens if you take a pregnancy test the day after your period?

Here is a link that can figure the probability of you being pregnant: You can still get positive results if you take a pregnancy test while on your period, and you can still be pregnant.

What happens if you take birth control late?

If u take your birth control late there is a chance of getting pregnant if you're on the pill I was on seasonique for two years and took my pills on time and still got pregnant.