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What happens if your six year old daughter said Mommy david had his pee-pee in mine?


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May 21, 2009 8:14AM

== == * I hope a professional answers this one (and erases this placeholder), but speed also seems important. I think you'd better call your family doctor or a family therapist for advice right away.

== == * What the child is saying is very clear. Someone (no matter the age) has had their penis (aka pee pee) inside of your six year old daughter! As the above poster suggested see your family doctor immediately. Your doctor will know by examination if this is true, and if it is your child will need therapy and you need to go after David and report him to the authorities for child molestation. If David is your son and younger than your daughter or a year or so older then this is a different kettle of fish and David (if he is your son) should also seek therapy, but leave the authorities out of it. All your daughter has is you to protect her, so see that doctor! == == * First find out if its just a joke because kids do that. Second who is this David and how old is he? Third maybe just maybe the age of consented sexual intercourse is going down and (just a thought, doesn't make the situation any better) maybe this David is another 6 year old at school who is her 'boyfriend' or something and he saw his parents doing it and they told him that's how they express love to each other so he decided he should try it too and she agreed or something. In any case find out about the situation and definitely contact a doctor and probably a therapist as well. You definitely don't want a pedophile on your daughter so you should tell the cops about it if you have no idea who David is and it's not a joke. == == * David raped your six year old daughter. It is quite clear. He had his penis in your daughter's vagina. Hope your daughter doesn't have labor; visit the doctor. == == * If David is a child then children are curious, but it generally breaks down to 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' and seldom is intercourse an issue. I find it hard to believe that a six year old child would joke about such a thing. If David is in his teens or older, then see your doctor and have a specialized psychologist check out your daughter. An internal examination on a six year old child is extremely traumatic. == == * I have to admit it I'm 12 years old and I have had sex before. My girlfriend and I where curious in the same situation. "if I show you mine will you show me yours" then it turned into us seeing what sex was on the Internet and we decided to try it for ourselves.