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Sometimes that can be a sign that you're going to have a really bad period. That happened to me twice this year and both times I thought I was pregnant. I was bloated, tender breasts, missed period...but it eventually came. I was so bloated I gained 4 pounds in water weight. But there's no way to tell whether I was pregnant and miscarried early or if I legitmately had a period.


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There is no absolute answer. Some women get bloated just before a period and they will get bloated just the same but no period will come because they are pregnant so they stay bloated . Some women don't get bloated at all. I don't, lucky me.

Tender breasts, lower back pain, bloated stomach, cranky disposition, zits

If your hamsters stomach is bloated, there is obviously something wrong with it. The could be a number of things wrong; it could have eaten too much, the proctective wall around the stomach could be broken, or it could be gas. either way, see a vet before you do any poking and prodding.

you usually get break-out, cramps, tired, breasts hurts, bloated, and PMS.

Have you had unprotected sex?It is normal to be bloated, nauseous, constipated, cramped etc before your period. However yes, these symptoms could also be indicative of a pregnancy. The only way to be sure is to take a home pregnancy test. If it comes back positive, visit your doctor for another test and to discuss your options. Best of luck!

The semen that was ejaculated onto your stomach wont get you pregnant, however you can never be 100% sure that some did not leak out before he orgasmed onto your stomach. So yes there is a possibility that you will get pregnant that way

Go to the doctor, this is not normal. I notice that you have put this question in the 'chances of being pregnant' section. Two weeks before a period, you are not pregnant, it sounds more as though you have an infection of some kind.

I was 82 pounds before I got pregnant and my stomach didn't get hard until I was 16 weeks or so and it wasn't that hard just harder then before.

The doctor knows you're pregnant by taking a blood test, long before he/she palps your stomach. That doesn't tell whether you're pregnant, only that there is swelling there.

Yes when I was pregnant the first thing I noticed was that I was bloated. I didn't even wait for my period. I took the test 3 days before I was due my period and it came up positive.

You feel really bloated and its like having to go to the bathroom.But you realize your bleeding......there you go

You can know if your Balloon Molly is pregnant by obseving near the back of the Molly's stomach. If it's pregnant, the bottom and back of the stomach should form an approximate 90 degree angle. You will also need to observe the stomach before it is assumed pregnant, in case if the molly has been like that.

Yes I am 22 weeks and have breakouts of acne on my stomech it drives me nutts.... I did not have acne on my stomech before I was pregnant.

Generally bloated, stomach cramps, emotional (whether it be anger, sadness or all of it in between) for no significant reason. Also when you get mad for little things

After food is swallowed, what happens is that it passes down through the esophagus and from there, into the stomach. Food is broken down more in the stomach before passing into the small intestine.

Nothing will happen if you eat a tick, your stomach acids will kill it before it can do any harm. Your stomach acids will kill any insect before it harms you.

it desolves then it goes down your digestive system

You will throw up before it happens but yes, it is possible

This is because of the change in your digestion cycle. In normal cases, food takes 3-4 hours to be digested. However, before your period, this gets delayed leading to the fact that food remains in your stomach, hence getting starched. When you have liquids on top of this residual food, you get the bloated feeling. Hope this helps.

Unless you are married BEFORE this happens, of course it is.

it will just tell you if you are pregnant or not

Nothing. A woman who is already pregnant can not become pregnant again before the current pregnancy resolves.

You're suppose to take it on an empty-stomach. Or 1 hour before a meal or three hours after.

If there were rolls before you were pregnant they are not going to go away, the baby just grows underneath.

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