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What happens if your wlan on psp doesn't work?


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May 30, 2009 4:38PM

If you have official firmware, updating to a newer firmware (current is 5.50) could possibly help with your situation. If you have custom firmware, you can enter recovery mode by holding the R trigger and turning on the PSP. From there you can go to Advanced and choose to format flash1. This clears out all the settings for internet, date and time, PSP nickname, etc. But it might fix your problem. Your internet settings might be different if you've done anything to your router lately. Deleting the SSID from the PSP and creating a new one could fix your problem. Another thing to consider is that the wifi boards are somewhat unreliable and are subject to failure. You might possibly have a dead wifi board if your PSP is an older 1K/Phat model.