What happens in a reposession takes place?

really do not know what in a repo takes place means. How does it work the lien holder send out a order the company has field reps that look for the cars. When a car is found the agent will 1 have a key get in the car and drive off 2 the agent will back the tow truck up to the car and load it on the back. After that the car gets taken back to a holding yard that most likely has gates and locked , the agent will take all personal propery out of car and take a log of what is there and then bag everything that is not bolted down if it is attached to the car you can not get it back. then the car will sit and wait for somone to show up with money or until the amount of days the law calls for has pasted at that point the car will go to a auction and get that they can for it. Any money that is still left owed after all this the bank will most likely come after you for the bal due.