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What happens in an embalming?



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A Funeral Director (Embalmer) will normally make a 3 inch incision near the Clavicle. A hooked instrument will then be inserted in the incision to pull up the Jugular Vein and Carotid Artery. The vein and artery will be cut slightly; A drainage tube will be inserted into the vein and another tube will insert into the artery. Arterial embalming fluid will be pumped into the carotid, traveling through the bodies arterial system thus reaching the bodies organs and tissus. As the arterial fluid enters the body, blood is forced out through the venous system into the drain tube and out of the body.The Thoracic and Abdominal cavity is Aspirated (Fluids Removed)by the insertion of a Trocar (Long hollow needle) and then Body Cavity fluid is injected using the same Trocar. Situations occur due to circumstance of death,disease,autopsy etc.. where different arteries and veins are used. However, in most cases this is the common procedure. to make it easy to understand in embalming, the body fluids are removed and embalming fluid is injected in to replace it.