What happens in big love season five?

I used to be a special affects designer for Hollywood, and they wanted me to work for the show BIG LOVE. they gave me a tour, and i got to sneek a peak at season five. so... i am about to spoil it. so if you don't want to know then don't read. well, first barb (first wife) files a divorce with bill. (husband) and margy lie's about her age. on her driver's licence. but bill is ok with it. until he finds her "lost" licence and she actually was fourteen when they got married. Nikki (sister wife) is found cheating on bill. and gets a divorce. bill is left with margi, though they move and nobody know there polygamists because bill has only one wife, they still trust there ways. Nikki, and barb eventually find new polygamist husbands, and forms an even bigger love. the last season ends with bill with margy and Nikki and barb split up.