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What happens in detention centers?

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Why does Australia have detention centers?

because they just do!

Are there any detention centers in Melbourne?


How many juvenile detention centers are in the UK?

there are 250 million juvenile detention centres in the uk

What are the rules for juveniles in a detention centers?

Behave yourself!

How many mandatory detention centers are there in Australia?


How many detention centers are there in Australia?

There are 18 Detention Centres in Australia currently. See the related link below.

What detention centers are located in New York?

There are many detention centers located throughout New York. Some locations include: Riker's Island, Bellvue Hospital Prison Ward, Brooklyn Detention Complex, Elmhurst Hospital Prison Ward, Manhattan Detention Complex,Queens Detention Complex and the Vernon C. Bain Center.

What is juvy like?

Juvy refers to juvenile detention centers, also called youth detention centers. They are like prisons, only for youth while they await trials. They are lonely and sometimes scary.

How are refugees treated in the detention centers?

Ok but they could be treated better

Should children in detention centers be freed?

Yes but then afterwards they should be shot

What danger do youths face at detention centers and adult jail?

Soap dropping

How do you use deliquent in a sentence?

Juvenile delinquents used to be automatically sent to detention-centers.

Do detention centers serve purpose?

detention dos serve a purpose because when a child does something wrong like fighting, vandalism, back chatting and littering... they should get detention...detention is there for a purpose...children to improve in their behaviour, studies and discipline's ...if there was no detention there would be no education, discipline and no proper behaviour in a i say that there should be detention in schools..

What were the detention centers called where Jews were forced to move and where many were killed?

They were called concentration camps.

What are juvenile detention centre punishments?

Juvenile Detention CentresJuvenile Detention Centers are prisons for children under the age of 18. If a child commits a crime worthy of incarceration, they go there until their sentence expires or they become 18, at which point they are transferred to a normal prison. There are different regulations regarding the running of juvenile detention centers, including the provision of education.There are a variety of other 'punishments' that people incarcerated there undergo, including the mundane such as cleaning work, as well as other activities depending on the detention center.

What is the current policy towards asylum seekers found in Australian waters?

That they are taken in then put into detention centers.

How much money is spent on the asylum seekers?

Australia spent $142 millions on detention centers and asylum seekers.

Does amsterdam currently have detention centers?

Amsterdam, as with nearly all cities in the world, have jails for people charged with a crime.

When are kids released from juvenile detention centers?

It usually depends on the situation,some juveniles get transported directly to adult centers once they are of age, some get released at 18 some to their parents, depends on what they did

What has the author George Saleebey written?

George Saleebey has written: 'Youth correctional centers' -- subject- s -: Juvenile detention homes

In the state of Indiana how much does a parent have to pay when a child is sent to juvinile detention centers?

In general, child support is a percentage of net income.

If you have failed to turn up for weekend detention due to mental health reasons what happens next?

If you have failed to turn up for weekend detention due to mental health reasons, you will have to explain it to the judge. The judge will determine what happens next.

Do you have privacy in a juvenile detention center?

I doubt it. This most likely differ between detention centers.

What happens in detention?

You work on school work or homework. You have to find something to do or they will find you something to do.

Administrative detention and correctional detention?

Administrative detention is detention from the principal and/or assistant principal. Correctional is from a student or designee

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