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What happens in episode 14 of total drama action?


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November 07, 2009 8:07AM

Chris announces that they're doing a period movie genre, and it's the stone-age. Much to the competitors' dismay, he dresses them up in loincloths andleopard skin, giving each team a set of flints to start a fire. Duncan lights his firewood with a lighter, Courtney immediately getting upset and claiming that Chris had given her fake props. Though Lindsay tapped them together, and started an enormous fire instantly. For the second challenge, Chef gave the Grips bigger bones to fight with, though the Gaffers had won the challenge. Chris then says that they reviewed a tape, showing that Duncan cheated. Therefore, first to make fire and complete the first part was Lindsay. After the bones are handed out, one Gaffer and one Grip stands atop two rock pillars, and try to knock each other off. First were Lindsay and LeShawna. LeShawna won one point when Lindsay fell off into the awaiting tar pit below by the sound of Chris' prehistoric horn. Next were Heather and Beth. A pterodactyl flew by, knocking Heather into Beth, who let go and dropped her. Harold and Justin were next, but animatronic beavers after Harold made both of them fall into the tar. Last there was Courtney and Duncan, who had to share a pillar because the beavers had destroyed one. Courtney and Duncan almost both fall, but they grab each other's arms and accidentally kiss. Courtney then pretends she wants to kiss him again, but hits him between his legs with her bone when his eyes were closed, sending him flying. Chris says the award for the Grips is a giant barbecue, but when Chef drives their giant ribs over, his golf cart rolls into the tar, ruining the food.

That's pretty much it :) Hope it helped.